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DiRT 2 Was Better

posted by KRU63R (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Jun 27, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

I loved DiRT 2, so I had high hopes for DiRT 3; unfortunately though, I was disappointed.

DiRT 3 has, from what I could tell, fewer venues than DiRT 2; what happened to racing in Malaysia or Utah? Another thing that irked me was the lack of customization. DiRT 2 allowed you to buy your own vehicle and customize it to look (or sound) however you like. In DiRT 3, you race for teams (similar to how you start out in GRiD). There might be the ability to customize your vehicle but I haven't found it; it's possible it's hidden behind the VIP Pass, but I'm not going to pay $10 or whatever just to access online features.

There might be an increase in the amount of vehicles present in the D3, but between the lack of customization and unlockables via VIP Pass, I didn't bother to compare between D2 and D3.

One other thing: The addition of Gymkhana. I got D3 for off-road racing. Not for doing donuts and drifts in a small concrete arena; and D3 has a quite a handful of these events. No thanks.

And lastly, the VIP Pass. I'm not going to pay $10 just to unlock online play or whatever. Besides, this is something I'd expect from the likes of EA, not Code Masters.

The gameplay though is perfect. If there's one thing Code Masters does best, it's racing games. The racing in both GRiD and DiRT games is thoroughly enjoyable.

Overall, DiRT 3 fails in comparison to DiRT 2. I give DiRT 3 a 6 out of 10 just because Code Masters does a good job with their racing games, but D3 lacks what I loved in D2. Hope they fix this in DiRT 4 (If they even decide on a making DiRT 4).

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I expected better

posted by themerc (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

I was looking for a good racing game and I found this one. I did not enjoy this at all, weird annoying even sometimes seemingly random physics made it annoying to drive and especially drift, which I thought was a little bit too hard to do, w/ the annoying physics I find you'd spin out way too easy and for no reason, going slow enough around the turn? "Sorry, spin out". The side lip of the road was on a couple of tracks too deep so if you caught enough of it it'd take you completely off the track. There's barely a difference in between the cars, you could select any one and have the same final position, the liveries were also pretty pointless as well as they really had no purpose other than put a sticker on your car that you saw for a few seconds in the menu. I found even the medium difficulty to be too hard, I have a lot of experience in driving in previous games but for some reason it was just too hard in this game. Easy was better and felt more like medium difficulty and even though I was doing better the driving in itself was too much of a pain to make it a really enjoyable experience. The lack of a tutorial didn't help much either. I didn't like the gymkhana, it was boring, and just kinda stupid, smash stuff and go off jumps w/ your car, lame... but I don't think think there's really too many different modes you can have in racing games.

I did really enjoy a couple of the tracks, especially in Finland and Colorado. The graphics are really nice, trees snow, everything looks really good, but if you can't make a linear track look good you're doing something wrong. The tour (campaign) was pretty fun, gave you a good amount of different cars to drive, including older 60's 70's cars which is also a plus in the quick drive.

Overall, I had fun w/ this for a few days, then a I found a new racing game called Joy Ride Turbo, had a lot more fun w/ that than this, this game has potential but as it is right now it's pretty annoying to play and a not too good game.

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Great Game Ruined

posted by Katzenjammer06 (CINCINNATI, OH) May 28, 2013

Member since May 2013

This is an incredible game crippled by the fact that it forces you to participate in gymkhana / drift events. I have never liked drifting / gymkhana and prefer these sorts of games for their racing events. For me, these events were so difficult and frustrating, that I quit playing and sent it back despite the fact that it's an incredible racer. The engine is amazing, rally events are exciting and dynamic, and the feel of the racing events is on par with games like Forza or Race Driver.

I realize that hey, drifting and gymkhana are popular and are an integral part of this game, it would just have been nice to be able to progress through the racing events without being forced to do them for those of us who simply prefer to race.

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