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Gorgeous and really fun

posted by BigShloppy (BATON ROUGE, LA) May 26, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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DiRT3 is a great game with a mix of everything you won't in an racing game. It has singleplayer, multiplayer, and the DiRT Tour itself. With the addition of the Gymkhana courses you will be hooked to DiRT3 for hours and hours just trying to achieve better medals, scores, and times.

The graphics in this game are amazing with many tracks to display them on and almost every weather effect imaginable. The sound quality though is out of this world. The sound of your car revving up the engine and switching gears is spot on.

The only complaint about this is game is the 'new' factor. There really isn't anything too new about DiRT3 that wasn't in DiRT2. The only difference is a new layout of races and a different way of selecting your cars. And don't forget about Gymkhana.

Overall this game is really fun and it will keep you on it for hours and hours at a time just because you enjoy the feel of off-road racing.

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GF Rating


Another Great Instalment!

posted by TownRenegade (DEXTER, MI) Aug 6, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I will start by saying i fully enjoyed everything about dirt 2. The visuals were great and the handling of the cars was even better. Dirt 3 not only takes it up a notch, they even boosted up the multiplayer side of things.

Single player: Just like dirt 2, i found myself engrossed by every new race i had to compete in. The tracks were very detailed and I had issues at times with looking at the details and not the road. The driving was very similar to dirt 2. It was easy to manipulate the car through tight turns or narrow passages without feeling the extremes of the cars weight. This makes it easier for newcomers to jump right in and not feel overwhelmed. If your a seasoned racer, you can always disable all the driving assists and crank it up a notch. Codemasters also brought in some side challenges as well like drifting, stunt challenges, and speed challenges as well. This not only helps along the career mode but also keeps you learning new ways of racing.

Multiplayer: This is where dirt 3 shines. In dirt 2, i found to much complacency when challenging others online. This time around they added a leveling system just for muliplayer which includes car unlocks, vinyls, and car horns which are as funny as always. They have tons of options like circuit racing, drifting, rally, and fun small games like alien invasion, capture the flag, infection. All collecting points to level up. They have something for every racer. Every unlock done in multiplayer transfers to the single player as well.

Codemasters definitively showed what they can produce in a game. I was pleased with every aspect of the game. Definitively worth a rent if not a buy for any racer or non racing gamer.

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GF Rating

Very Good

8/10 Rating

posted by alexf2010 (LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ) Jun 9, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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8/10 - One of the best racing games I've played. My only complaint with it is I wish I had a racing wheel, because trying to play this game with a standard controler was just frustrating trying to make the little ajustments needed to really play this game well.

The feel of the game is almost the exact same as Dirt2, but with different cars/places and a little better graphics.

Deffinitely worth a try if you like racing games.

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