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posted by krazykracker57 (HILLSBORO, MO) Jun 23, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Over all this game is lacking compared to dirt 2 is a joke

How is anybody giving this a good review ... Only thing they upgraded was damage engine

Dirt drifting is non impossible once your tired break loose you lose power I did a 130mph power slide in dirt on trail blazer by the end of the turn I was doing 90 no matter the angle 10% to full lock you lose speed.

Only way to drift was gymkania or what it's called and thats dumb as can be ken block wanted to put his mark of the game and urineated all of that consept and it's worthless.

They do have cool cars in dirt 3 but only half the amount of dirt 2 and alot are limited to one type of race now landrush is "realilistic" and only buggys and stadium trucks and booooring all same cars it's NASCAR in dirt....

Races let's see like 50-80 in dirt 2 this ----- in dirt 3 it's maybe 30 and 90% of the tracks are the same so it's maybe 20 different tracks .... Rally dirt 2 had awsome technical skinny tracks like croatia dirt 3 is all wide or bugged you lower your car you bottom out and wreck I lowered the redbull pikes peak car and I hit a dirt to pavement transition and I fliped...

Don't buy this get dirt 2 it's a classic and awsome dirt 3 lacks in every way and not worth it

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not good

posted by bob_dole (NEKOOSA, WI) Jun 22, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

i didn't like this one compared to dirt 2 for a couple of reason's.... first thing the graphics weren't as good seems like they were worse then dirt 2... also it's not like where the 2nd one you had your own garage and had to figure out which vehicle went for the current race wanted to do plus you could build your vehicles up.... this game you just use someone else vehicle thats all ready built... there was no real reason to get to 1st place in the race's besides moving onto the next race.... therefore i give this game a rating of 4

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Arcade Styled, not a sim, not for me. (wheel user)

posted by nuvioso (BROOKLYN PARK, MN) Jun 12, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Background: I'm running this game with a T500RS, I enjoy realism and that affected my rating dramatically. I also ran it with no driving aids adjusted in the difficulty.
-Force Feed Back is superb in terms of vibration

-Great visual appeal

-Damage is detailed and fun

-Flashbacks prevent the "start button and restart race" (its function is to rewind after a crash to play through)

-Adjustments as to tuning the car to your drive style.

-Single player is fun.

-Ability to adjust difficulty to your liking (AI difficulty, driving aids, etc)

-As a wheel user who generally only enjoys sim racing, Codemasters decided to not have any sort of spring effect with the wheel. So you turn the wheel and you can let go and it just stays there in place. It's like the rear of the car is non existent. This alone kills the game for me, otherwise it would have been a keeper in my book.

As you can see there is only one con in my book, but as a sim racer it's a big con. Also the physics were okay, not phenomenal though, at times it just felt like sliding around everywhere due to no spring effect. People who enjoy arcade styled racers will love this game, however Dirt 3 wasn't for me.

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