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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3, DS, Wii
GF Rating

93 ratings

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GF Rating

Very Good

Easy to get into.

posted by ukjrs31 (STRAFFORD, PA) Dec 9, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

Liked the game a lot, the range of avaiable vehicles was a bit limited but the tracks were good and reasonably challenging. I would like to see an improvement in the audio for the vehicles - they all sound very similar. It was pretty easy to complete but that was one of the reasons I liked it, I could put it down and come back to it without having to get dialed in again.

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GF Rating


Makes Me Sick

posted by cerealkell (EMPORIUM, PA) Dec 3, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

What's the first thing that comes to mind when I read the reviews that were posted when I rented this game? Why are you letting people post reviews who havn't even played the game. How is that going to help? Game looks sick he says, makes me sick I say. There's your review. This game is actually terrible. I hated it at first then I didn't for about an hour then I hated worse than ever. You can guarantee that this game was released with the intention of being an advertisement instead of an actual game. They put more time into advertising for stuff that the typical gamer is sitting there going, "Duh... what's a Flip? I bet it has to do with men on men action." I hope that sums it up for you. The grahics lick. Dirt 2 on the console, looks great. For the PC, first DX11 game. Gonna be awesome. For the PSP, garbage. The first thing that popped into my head when I heard the sound FX was Super Sprint. If you remember Super Sprint then you're probably pretty old school. I played that game when I was 7 years old, 20 years ago for the NES. You know what, Super Sprint was better than this. You're in a huge lifted up truck with these monster tires on it and you hit a tiny little rock and it stops you dead in your tracks. You drive just a little bit off of the track and it resets your vehicle. Annoying, save yourself the time and money and get something else.

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GF Rating


Just a suggestion.....

posted by Shrimpman (COLUMBUS, OH) Oct 3, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

How about play the game or at least race one lap before you start wasting everyones times with your no-review, review.

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