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posted by Matte30 (BUCKLAND, OH) Jan 15, 2010

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Ok seirsely this game sucks the only good freaken graphics on this game was the freaking car i have played this game on the PS3 and that game was freaking asome and i thought it would be cool on the wii and well wrong do not rent this game it sucks you cant look in the car and their is no dust if these ppl should make a game where it is the same on every freaking system DO NOT RENT!!!!!

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Above Average

A Little DiRT never hurt anyone

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 14, 2009

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It's time to get dirty in DiRT 2, where you race through the well maintained asphalt streets of the United States (wait that doesn’t get you dirty; let me start again.)
DiRT 2 is a game where you get dirty by driving through the mud in Ethiopia and Mexico (that’s better). You get to race using sports cars, buggies or trucks (there's a total of 13 available) against other players or the AI.
The modes are what most of you expect: In single player you get World Tour where you race against the AI in sets of tracks ranging from 1 track to four tracks per set. Don't finish last in all races in a set and you unlock the next set; there's 16 to get through.
There’s the Time Trial mode and Single Race mode for any of the 15 tracks in the game (you don’t have to unlock them in World Tour mode - which I like).
And a Championship Mode with a set of five races for points - winner is the one with the most points at the end.
Finishing off the Single Player options are five challenges - Airtime (get as much time in air as you can) Tailblazer (finish a three lap race in a certain time), Gatecrasher (hit gates on track with a minimum speed or more) Power slide (do a lot of fishtails) and elimination (a race where you avoid being last at the end of every lap) This adds some needed spice to what could've been a basic racing game.
The multiplayer modes are race against the opponents or go against them in a challenge - but there’s no online option here - a big drawback.
Also, the controls are very sensitive; it's too easy to go into a skid or fishtail which ends up in a jarring stop - and a last place finish. Game makers still have not mastered the tilting mechanism that is the Wiimote.
But DiRT 2 gives some racing fun, and you don't have to jump through hoops (literally or figuratively) to race on all the tracks. If only the controls worked properly and there were online options. RENT IT.

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Really Bad

Not worth the time

posted by Geeky33 (JANESVILLE, WI) Dec 5, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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This can is very bland noth work the time

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