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Magnificent Racing Title

posted by Dallas12cowboys (CEDAR FALLS, IA) Apr 19, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

After playing through nearly all the need for speed and forza titles, I was looking for a new style of racer. I bought the game and let it sit in the backlog for a good year. When I finally got around to playing it, I had a wonderful experience! I'll try to break it down for you.


VERY realistic feelings. These range from the vibrations of the controller as you transition from dirt to tar, to the look and sound of the game. The developers did a great job depicting the realism.

Challenging. I'm used to the ease of need for speed, where one simple driving style covers all the races. This will not work here, because each track has it's unique features and driving on different terrains yields different challenges. I played on serious (the middle difficulty) and it was a blast! I had to try very hard to win races, and I found that I had to replay multiple races just to get a feel for the track if I wanted to win.

Soundtrack. Usually this isn't very influential, but Dirt 2 had such an amazing soundtrack I figured it was worth mentioning. I loved the music choices.

Repetitive. Although the scenery and views are great, this will set in a decent amount into the game. There's probably 20 unique tracks, but you begin to notice the repeating tracks after some time. May not be a huge deal but it does suffer a little bit.

Frustration. I did mention that it was challenging, but some races were completely unfair. Maybe using a different car/setup might fix that, but I encountered a few "easy" races that I couldn't even place top 3 in. Also, the scoring system has messed me up. I've tied in points with another AI racer, but it didn't grant me the win. This is just a minor pet peeve but it bothered me.

This game deserves at least a rent! The graphics, realism, and just the general fun in a challenge really contribute to an awesome game!

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starting to hate gamefly

posted by AJohnson (THOMASVILLE, GA) Jan 13, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This is a great game.. too bad gamefly sent a disk that doesn't work. Thanks a lot gamefly. Not only was this game like 10 down my Q it also doedoesn't work. How about sending the games I want!!

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posted by hockeyjugernaut (MERION STATION, PA) Aug 5, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

it was scratched i should get a month free

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