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Dirt 2 8/10

posted by Charbachuk (GULFPORT, FL) Feb 24, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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The game from an overall standpoint it much better than the original, and much better than most racing games this year. The graphics are very detailed, especially the environments which make you feel almost like you are there. The controls are fairly simple, with really no press this button to drift type of thing. The level system works well, much better than NFS Shift in comparison. There are plenty of cars in each discipline to keep you entertained, I just wish there was more customization on the cars then what they have. The game play itself is very well made, with the X-Games, World Tours, and 1 on 1 throw downs giving you something to strive for. The Flashback feature fixes the age old problem of spinning out on the last turn in a race, and having to restart the entire race. The only real problem i see in this game, is with 100 events, most being multi-race events, and only 41 different tracks, most of them being either shorter versions, or backwards versions of the original tracks, makes it kind of boring after a while driving on the same tracks over and over again, and sometimes twice in the same race event. But like i said overall a very well made game and most definitely worth renting and even buying. And credit to the makers for including the Colin Mcrae event, cars, and memorial video, very nice touch.

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DiRT + GRID = DiRT 2

posted by Behemoth26 (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Sep 11, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

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First off the graphics are still amazing, but they still dont seem like a big improvement from the first one. load times feel much shorter but that might be because you go through 3 tiny loads instead of one big one. also they took the flashback feature from GRID which helps (sometimes because if you wreck your car you can only begin rewinding when your car stops, meaning sometimes you will only rewind far enough to crash again) The handling is much different than both DiRT 1 & GRID. mainly the fact that your breaks are useless as well as your car will want to drift every corner whether your going 20mph or 90mph no matter what surface. But after getting used to the driving style Ive begun enjoying the way of stealing position by sliding turns at 70mph. also there are less rally events and more stadium events which I'm not to happy about but thats marketing for ya. Also the events are much shorter. a race lasting over 3 minutes seems to be forbidden fruit or something. there does seem do be a nice variety of cars but not really any reason to buy most of them mainly because you can afford the best cars pretty quickly. You start with a co-driver who has to be modeled after the worst ex girlfriend ever. I dont think Ive ever been more annoyed by a fake person in my life. Good thing I unlocked a new co-driver fairly quickly. Also the whole water graphics thing is completely pointless. all they did was add random puddles to every track. when its 118 degrees in Baja there shouldn't be puddles anywhere. but it is nice to force a passing car into the water. Also taking another note from GRID they didn't make to many different tracks, they just reversed the courses.
The main reason I rated it a 9 is the fact that DiRT 2 Isn't only the best Off-Road game released since DiRT. its also the best racing game Ive played in along time. The problems with this game are so small they can easily be overshadowed by the gameplay. Definitely worth a rent to all, a must buy for most.

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If you like racing games, you'll love Dirt 2

posted by juicedaman (NORTHBOROUGH, MA) Mar 29, 2010

Member since Apr 2007

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Having played the first Dirt, I had high expectations for Dirt 2. I liked the first one a lot, considering it was so different from normal racers. Instead of racing on the streets or speedways, you race on dirt and gravel. At first, I wasn't liking Dirt 2 as much as I thought I would, but as the game progressed it got better and better, to the point where I began liking it more than the first one.

Dirt 2 was my favorite racing game since Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, which has been untouched in terms of competition the several years since it has been out.

Dirt 2 emphasizes building friendships with the other celebrity drivers and has a large variety of racing types, all of which have their own unique requirements. For instance, in Domination, you have to get the best time in certain sections of the track, and it doesn't matter if you win the race, as long as you hold the best times within the sections.

Overall, Dirt 2 was a very good game, but it did have some drawbacks. Firstly, the new nickname system seemed like a good idea, but it gets annoying when you start hearing Hey Justin every two seconds. In addition, Dirt 2 did not put much emphasis on customization, which is always one of my favorite parts of a racing game. Lastly, the whole liveries and dashboard toys addition wasn't very memorable either, because it limits you to what they give you instead of you fully customizing it yourself.


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