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Dirt 2

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Very Good

solid game

posted by bogwire (OREGON CITY, OR) Jun 30, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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the game offers tons of different enviroments and different racing modes and challenges.The variety of cars is great and u can tell the diferences between them.

My complaint is like with most racing games eventually it will get old, but only after puting in a solid 15 hours or so. The game's normal setting casual is way to easy u will win every race first time.if u want the game to last play on serious.

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GF Rating


Very Impressed

posted by brandon035 (BLOOMINGTON, IL) May 1, 2010

Member since May 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Very well done and expected nothing less.

Very, very well developed story mode. Was a little less than satisfied with the redundancy of the different countries courses. Cars controls were above average as compared to other games. In car view is alot of fun and actually has a sense of realness coming from someone who has done events like this in real life. Love the evolution of the driver and making friends and earning rep/xp. Havent played on XBL yet, but the story mode is more than enough to keep me occupied for a while. Deff rent, maybe buy but I would find something better to buy personally. Overall, 9/10. Looking forward to seeing more from codemasters

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Awesome game but falls flat after a while

posted by SPenguin (WOODINVILLE, WA) Jul 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

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I had never been into rally racing games but thought I would finally try out Dirt 2 once I got a proper racing wheel setup (I found the game to suck without a racing wheel). What is instantly noticeable is the amazing graphics that really suck you in. These are some of the best racing graphics I have seen. The mud and water flying around, the dirt tracks, the amazing car details, it's all superb.

The racing itself is very good as well. Each car reacts differently and so do the different types of terrain that you drive on. There is also real time deformation of tracks that make things just a tad different on laps. I didn't find it enough to throw off my driving at all but it was fun to see. I also found some of the different variations of races fun. My favorites were the Rally and Trailblazer but Land Rush and some others were a blast as well. The variety kept things fun despite my biggest complaint which I will go into next.

My only complaint about the racing is that about halfway through the game I found the tracks to be a bit limited. There are some really fun tracks but there is only a dozen or so and different variations of those tracks (backwards, longer/shorter versions, etc...) I just got bored of racing the same exact tracks after a while. If there had been a handful more then I think this would have been worthy of a 10. (I ended up finishing 72ish out of 100 total races).

I tried online play but I wasn't that impressed. It was more about how can you push your opponent off the track or into a wall to get ahead rather than pure skill. I found it fun for a few races but it made me mad more than anything because I was more interested in racing rather than extreme bumper cars.

Overall, this game was a total blast for the first half but I wouldn't be surprised if anybody gets bored after that.

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