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GF Rating

Very Good

Missed the devil summoning

posted by rpger19 (ARLINGTON, WA) Nov 14, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

10 out of 11 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Pro's: great story, character depth, great score, Difficult, Great Battle system, Superb Voice acting, lots to explore. Save points are placed at the right intervals; Not too close and not too far.

Con's: Story cuts off (to prepare for a sequel) which makes the ending very abrupt. No devil summoning. It's Frustratingly difficult at times. Sometimes your party can get wiped before you even get to take a turn in battle. The main character DOESN'T SPEAK! The game just kind of drops off at a certain point. Before this point, the story was very involving, and really kept you interested. But, once you get to the last area, everything just kind of zips by you, story-wise. The last con, is that dungeons can be waaay too long and complicating, and it's a pain trying to find your way through them if you've already been through them before.

In conclusion, my main problem with this game was the fact that i could not recruit demons on my team. If they had used a system more like Riki's from Saga Frontier, then I would've enjoyed it much more. But, they force you to only have one demon form per person. Plus, it forces you to start a battle in demon form. And some battles you would be much better off in human form. It would've been nice to have the choice before the battle commenced, or just having the choice to choose while in your menu. I also didn't feel the demon forms were very pleasing to the eye. They just didn't have the megami Tensei look. I also didn't like how the characters were pretty much forced to all learn magic. But, the game has lots of ups that really do outweigh the downs. The story is really interesting, till the end, and the characters all have their own charm. The music really makes the battles more bearable. And, the voice acting is top-notch. Rent this game, beat it, then maybe buy the 2nd one.

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GF Rating


Digital Devil Saga is..

posted by Snickers (SELDEN, NY) Apr 15, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Great simply amazing. The story gets down to the utmost nitty gritty, leaving no prisnors, showing the characters thirst for flesh. You see evolution of a group of friends turning on each other and decepting each other all in a struggle for power over the new atma demon forms they've possessed. This game is flawless. I love it, and the battle system and the mantras, go get this game quick, i am sorry i didn't.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Solid Review

posted by Solid00X (LARGO, FL) Jul 8, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

3 out of 7 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

this game has an excellent story it's a little like the matrix. for gameplay There's only one drawback, random battles happen to often, like between 3 and 10 footsteps 85% of the time. if you just want to play the game for the story I recommend cheating through it with a cheating device like Code breaker, or Game Shark, that way you can enjoy the story and return the game quickly. but if you prefer not to cheat. Then prepare for a very difficult game. boss battles are really tough. You'll be spending most of your time leveling up and raising your skills and getting money to purchase items

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