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A Digimon for fans of Digimon

posted by croyprym (SAN ANGELO, TX) Sep 9, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

Digimon World Championship is a difficult game to rate, mostly due to the fact that it does everything with a certain level of mediocrity. It is the same way that cocoa bean liquor is bitter, sugar is gritty and milk spoils easily, but if you put the three together you get something much better than the ingredients alone could provide; milk chocolate. Digimon World Championship is my milk chocolate; Definitely not my favorite of candies, but much better than the sum of its parts.

Gameplay- 4
What can I say more than that it is repetitive. Pick up a Digimon, put it in a cage, pick it up again, put it in another cage, feed it, clean the cage, repeat until there is a battle. Battles are really just a show to watch (until you unlock the ability to control on of your Digimon by unlocking all of them.) Hunting for new Digimon can be done, but once you have a team or two, you will probably forget all about hunting and spend most of your time focused on the Digimon you have.

Graphics- 3
It is sprites on top of more sprites. We have seen the style since the '80s. Sprites are not bad, just simple. The bad part is that there is slowdown during battles. I don't know if the slowdown was added for dramatic effect or is a system issue, but it happens on every kill and it gets annoying.
I am also disappointed at the zooming effects. Zooming in on a sprite just ends up making it look like a mosaic, and a bad one at that. So, why do it? . . . I don't know either, but apparently Namco thought it was a good idea.

Sound- 6
I will be the first to tell you that I am not a soundphile. That said, I do like the soundtrack for the game as well as the sound effects. There is nothing that just stands out as top of the line, but nothing worth turning the volume down for.

Overall- 6
Although none of the individual components of the game stand out by themselves, together they make a decent game that will never really wow you, but makes a great pet sim.

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