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GF Rating

Very Good

Its a good game for all Digimon traners

posted by Gokuss8 (MYRTLE BEACH, SC) Feb 10, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

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Digimon World Championship is a very easy game to rate, mostly due to the fact that it does everything with a certain level of mediocrity. It is the same way that cocoa bean liquor is bitter, sugar is gritty and milk spoils easily, but if you put the three together you get something much better than the ingredients alone could provide; milk chocolate. Digimon World Championship is my milk chocolate; Definitely not my favorite of candies, but much better than the sum of its parts.

Gameplay- 4
What can I say more than that it is repetitive. Pick up a Digimon, put it in a cage, pick it up again, put it in another cage, feed it, clean the cage, repeat until there is a battle. Battles are really just a show to watch. Hunting for new Digimon can be done, but once you have a team or two, you will probably forget all about hunting and spend most of your time focused on the Digimon you have.

Graphics- 5
It is sprites on top of more sprites. We have seen the style since the '80s. Sprites are not bad, just simple. The bad part is that there is slowdown during battles. I don't know if the slowdown was added for dramatic effect or is a system issue, but it happens on every kill and it gets annoying.

Sound- 8
I do like the soundtrack for the game as well as the sound effects.

Overall- 6
Although none of the individual components of the game stand out by themselves, together they make a decent game that will never really wow you, but makes a great pet sim.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The original V-pet reborn.

posted by sparkz908 (CORAL GABLES, FL) Sep 13, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

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Summary: Digimon World Championship is a monster training RPG in which players hunt for their own horde of adorable and or meancing monsters. With over 200 different monsters to collect and plenty of unique elements this game looks like a real winner, but is it really all that perfect?

Story: You assume the role of a Digimon Tamer, I.E. The Digimon equivalent to a Pokemon Trainer, however this time around you aren't on a mission to save the world but are actually fighting to be the best! With your training skills you need to climb to the top and collect a large aray of titles and battle it our to become the Digimon World Champion!

Gameplay: DWC plays very differently from other monster training RPGs, in this game the emphasis is on the actual monster training via the use of collectible and connectable blocks called cages. Each cage improves certain stats but decreases others so even if your opponents have the same monsters as you they will be completely different stat wise. Battles in DWC play out automatically so you don't directly control your monsters, instead you assign them one of 3 roles: normal offense, special moves or support. Batles are fast paced and very fun to watch, but they can get a bit repetitive if you spam them over regular training. The battle system was meant to be like the V-Pet so its not for hardcore turn based RPG fans. The best feature however is Digimon hunting which plays similar to Pokemon Ranger but with more enhancements, you won't be doing this often so it's a real treat.

Graphics: 16 bit in the design of the original V-pet, the sprites are very charming and colorful. But 3D modeling wouldn't hurt.

Sound: Quirky music and battle sound effects are short and sweet, but they aren't all to special. I enjoy the battle theme but that's the thing it only has ONE battle theme so it can be annoying at times.

Appeal: This game isn't for everyone, but for those wanting a change in the norm this is definetly worth a rent.

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GF Rating


Still no good Digimon games...

posted by RoboFan (COLUMBUS, OH) Apr 4, 2009

Member since Feb 2007

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Ah, Digimon... Pokemon's one most worthy competitor, the Sonic to their Mario, at least until Season 4 killed the series and Yu-gi-oh took over... The TV series had so much good, so how come they haven't had a single decent game?? Why don't the Digimon games ever follow the concept of the show? Virtually every Digimon game is just made to be even more Pokemon-like than the anime, favoring COLLECTING Digimon over one Digimon partner per human. Digimon World Championship continues in this tradition, while attempting to get back to Digimon's roots, that is, as a boy's equivalent of a Tamagotchi. The plot is your average shovelware Pokemon-type cliche: there is a big Digimon tournament which you are out to win.... just because. You do this by raising Digimon from egg, to baby, to rookie, and so on. You do this in a customizable training center using a somewhat imaginative point-and-click interface using the stylus. Dropping Digimon in different rooms(you pick what kind of rooms you have and how you arrange them) will affect a Digimon's stats in a different way, usually raising one trait and lowering another. Once their stats reach certain requirements, they Digivolve. Gameplay largely consist of you moving Digimon from one training room to the other repeatedly, feeding them when they are hungry, bandaging wounds, cleaning up Digi-droppings, etc. Can you imagine Angemon being treated in this way, watching him eat off the floor and leaving a mess? No. Then you get into battles using the Digimon you trained. You pick a team of Digimon to fight, and then AI takes over. No maintenance whatsoever, and there doesn't seem to be much difference in what Digimon you use, except for level. I actually haven't gotten far in the game, but I really don't think it gets much better from where I am. Just more training, more AI battles, more training, on and on and on. And judging from other games of its kind, I don't expect any plot twists. I don't recommend this.

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