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Digimon World 4

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Unlimited Bits and items

This trick requires your main Digimon as player one and any Digimon as player two. Give all your Bits to player two. Then, save player two at the Save Keeper. Next, have player two give all Bits to player one. After that, have player two quit the game at the Save Keeper, but this time without saving. Then, go to Call Keeper and have player two join in again with the same Digimon. Repeat this from the beginning until you have 9,999,999 bits, both in the bank and pocket. REMEMBER: You can also use this trick to duplicate items. This is very useful if you want to give some rare weapons and armor to a friend.

Easy experience 1

In single player mode, repeat the tutorial about fifteen times then go to Death Valley. Once there, follow a path and fight some Goburimon. Do not go across the bridge. Follow the path up and fight the Goburimon. They will give 10 experience points each. Break, then get the Gate Chip, use it, and repeat.

Easy experience 2

When you get the two I.D.'s and open the door in death valley keep fighting every goblin digimon in there to get easy experience. Note :Each digimon gives you 32 experience points.

Easy experience 3

Go to Death Valley, then to the fortress. When you are inside the guard room, defeat everyone for 32 experience points per kill. After all the doors open, go outside and enter the fortress again. This must be done two or three to reach the next level.  

Easy experience 4

The scorpion's place is the best place to lvling your digimon, but killing the scorpions repeatedly is slow

Easy experience 5

Outside of one of the dungeons in the 2nd area there is a generator. Just don't kill it and you get about 10k experience (Normal Diff) in 15 minutes.

Easy tech ups

After you have unlocked "Fortress" in Death Valley, whenever you need to equip a new weapon that is too high in tech points, just return to Fortress and fight up and down the tower multiple times. You will receive between 10 to 60 tech ups in one revolution.

Easy Heal Tech 1

Find a mp healer (similar to the healing one but it's purple) and just keep healing there. No other way of doing it don't worry it gets faster turns into mega for megas at around 630. For the starters I think it is around 300

Easy Heal Tech 2

In Doom Dome there's a mp heal circle there, which is an ideal place for leveling up your heal techs.

Easy Heal Tech 3

At dry land in ancient ruins there are yellow that heals hp and mp one you can level up healing faster and it is one the first floor

Easy Booster Packs

Once you get to dry land there are several red, glowing towers, at these places there will be an unlimited number of enemies until the tower is destroyed, if you keep fighting enemies you will eventually get a lot of b.packs.

How to beat Apokarimon

First, destroy the five spike balls on the posts around him. avoiding the fire shots and wind blow. Whenever five flying things come to attack, just block. Do not try to jump on the area that he is on, as you will get shocked. After the spike balls are destroyed, he will shoot a purple attack that follows you. You must run around trying to hit him without getting hit. Magic and a gun weapon work well -- you do not have to walk up to him, but they do smaller damage. Physical attacks are more powerful, but you must risk getting close to him.

Cards Page 1

Page 1: Agumon, Agumon, Veemon, Veemon, Guilmon, Guilmon

Cards Page 2

Page 2: Dorumon, WarGraymon, WarGraymon, Alphamon, Beelzemon, Imperialdramon Paladin

Cards Page 3

Page 3: Imperialdramon Fighter, Black WarGraymon, Gallantmon, MetalGarurumon, Susanomon, Apokarimon

Cards Page 4

Page 4: MaloMyotismon, Lucemon, Goburimon, Kokaterimon, Numemon, Sukamon

Cards Page 5

Page 5: Ogremon, Blossomon, Mammothmon, Arukenimon, Tyrannomon, Mummymon

Cards Page 6

Page 6: Minotarumon, Pharaohmon, SkullGraymon, Scopiomon, Tortomon, Otamamon

Cards Page 7

Page 7: Gekomon, MarineOrrimon, ShoganGekamon, Diaboromon, LordKnightmon, Imperialdramon

Cards Page 8

Page 8: Infermon, Megadramon, Raremon, Leomon, MetalEtemon, Ophanimon

Cards Page 9

Page 9: Seraphimon, PrinceMamemon