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To get the trophies you have get in first place in ALL races.

Unlocking T.T.

You can unlock T.T. by going into Single Races and touching the little picture of T.T. He will say "Time Trials On" which is pretty explanatory. Beat his ghost on every level with every vehicle except for the new ones. Use the "letting go of the A button before hitting a zipper" technique and you should eventually beat him. Once this is done, you will unlock him as a playable character in Wi-Fi, Single Race, Coin Challenge, and both Adventure modes.

Unlocking Drumstick

To unlock Drumstick you must use the stylus and pull a frog back and let go to spring it up into the little frog pool to the left of Wizpig's head. It is kind of tricky. When you do it, a new frog with a chicken head will appear. Run this over to unlock Drumstick the Rooster. He can be unlocked at any point.

Unlocking Taj

Complete Adventure 1 to unlock Taj. He is the best racer in the car.

Unlocking Wizpig

Complete Adventure 2 to unlock Wizpig. He is good in all vehicles.