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Very Good

Not For Me, But A Solid Game

posted by KR4Q (WINNEMUCCA, NV) Mar 31, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I liked the first two Diablos but apparently my taste has changed since Diablo 2.

So, personally, I got bored, but I will attempt to review this without bias.

First off, Blizzard did an excellent job mapping the controls to console. All of the abilities work very well with the 360 controller. Each character has an auto attack (A) and a main ability (RT) along with (B) (X) (Y) and (RB) for crowed control, maneuvering, AOE etc abilities. The left trigger locks onto targets and once a target is dead it auto switches to the next target. RB is for potion healing which causes for accidental use if you panic and button mash which is a costly mistake if you're playing on a high difficulty.

Each character has multiple ability build options. Each button has 5 choices along with 5 additional runes to choose from to power up those abilities. You can also choose 2 passives (like League of Legends) to aid you.

There is massive amounts of loot and the rare items aren't very rare. Accumulating gold and items to sell doesn't take much time at all.

The difficulty settings are dramatic. Easy is a breeze, normal.. normal and hard is challenging and requires caution, and the other 10 (or so) extra difficulties are just insane. There is also a hardcore mode which is like old school Nintendo games where, if you die, its game over and that's it.

The frame rate is great, the graphics are pretty good, but I noticed times sound would cut off for 1-2 seconds every 10 minutes which was odd. They reused sound effects from the older Diablos, which I thought was awesome. The sound of potions dropping, getting healed and Deckards voice brought back memories.

There are cutscenes but the story is mostly in game, like Borderlands, which I loved.

All and all my biggest suggestion is, if you love Diablo, don't rent this, buy it, as it will take months to do everything the game has to offer.

PS: the Demon Hunter is ridiculously OP

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GF Rating

Above Average

fun but needed alot more work

posted by rowguy (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Mar 4, 2014

Member since Jan 2010

I enjoyed playing this game but come on blizzard, your using graphics that look like their from the first one for the PC? And there is no character customization at all. It would be nice to be able to have at least a few options to how your character looks.

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GF Rating


Diablo returns after 11 years with a Fun Romp!

posted by MrNutJob (VENICE, CA) Feb 20, 2014

Member since May 2013

The system of the game is somewhat familiar, with the weapons and spell screens and the characters are the ones that move the action from place to place. Diablo 3 is a very big game. You play as a woman, I chose to be a witch doctor and you are very bent on freeing the various towns and peoples from angry hordes of creatures.

In time you gain powers, and have many choices as to how you want to wield your powers.

I found that I was powerful enough to deal with any threat after beating the Butcher, who was the hardest one of the ‘Bosses’ to fell. The story is a tad simple and is used to motivate and move the game along, but you’ll find yourself involved in the game.

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