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this game is tubro-tastic

posted by Zackguy (CUSSETA, GA) Jan 17, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I could not find anything wrong with the game it is by far the best 3rd person RPG I've ever played and it has amazing graphic

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posted by Trey_in_Texas (HUFFMAN, TX) Dec 25, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

Normally, I am not a fan of hack-and-slashers, but Diablo 3 impressed me, to say the least.

My family doesn't play online because we have limited data, but playing with 4 players on the same screen is easy.

It's set up to appease everyone, although they should have made it possible for one character to pop up a tiny menu to view their inventory and change skills rather than having the rest of the team wait for the other characters to get done in the menu to continue fighting.

Playing solo is fun and equiping new gear is easy in the beginning, and somewhat challenging when gearing up after level 60.

The only problem I have found with solo play is that if you equip your follower with better gear, then join someone else's game, your follower is left behind in nirvana somewhere and a new one is created when you continue your own game, in turn, losing all your follower's gear.

I'm sure there is a patch to fix this, as I have not reviewed any other online forums regarding Diablo 3.

I have recommended this game to other family friends with kids and they can all enjoy it.

My wife and I rarely played video games in the past, then we got an Xbox for the kids, and we've been playing Diablo together as much as the kids.

This is my favorite video game of all time, other than World of Warcraft, because the customability of your characters is great.

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Feels Like a Different Genre... In a Good Way!

posted by _Gryphon (CALDWELL, ID) Dec 19, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

On PC, Diablo always felt like a very specific sort of dungeon crawler. It was unique and iconic and you could recognize it right away, and games like Torchlight were created to mimic it. On Xbox 360, this newest iteration in the series has not only jumped platforms to console, but feels like a different sort of dungeon crawler.

The look and feel of Diablo 3 is a little different from previous entries in the series, and the game looks a bit different on console than it does on PC. It feels more like a play-with-your-friends hack and slash crawler akin to Gauntlet Legends or Dungeons & Dragons Heroes.

The atmosphere is a little lighter than I expected, and the boss battles are more exciting. The world is large and the game emphasizes replaying levels or even the entire game. The different character classes are incredibly diverse, and you can play with your friends and feel useful no matter which class you choose.

The story is more involved than previous Diablo games, and the narrative changes depending on which character class you choose, which keeps things fresh and interesting even when you are replaying the game.

The only complaint I have is one that applies to the genre as a whole: it's a little tedious. Hacking and slashing gets a bit boring after 12 hours or so. The game combats this flaw by adding in-game challenges and achievements, as well as slightly different objectives on each level (protecting an NPC instead of just killing everything, for example) but there is nothing entirely new to keep things fresh. I'm willing to spend a multitude of hours on this game, but I can see where it wouldn't be for everyone.

But if you like hack and slash dungeon crawlers, or are looking for a modern version of play-with-your-friends games like Baldur's Gate (ps2) or Gauntlet Legends (N64), this will be a welcome addition to your collection. I'm buying it.

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