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Very Good

Great Gameplay

posted by LOPOSMAN (NEWTON, NJ) Oct 3, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

First thing you notice is the Graphics. There awsome. That alone is not all the reason to get this game. The gameplay is also very fun. The cars, and trucks handle Like they should you dont feel like you are just moving the track around under the car like in other games. Ridge Racer i thouh was horrible for that reason. The only kinda complain that i would have on this game is the Sand seems to have too much white glar on it at times. Not all the sand. I think it is just the one Texture they used. Other than that. the Overlays of the game are True Photo Realistic, The in car views are great. One of the best features as well is the fact that you can replay you're entire Set at the end of each Race. you can change CAM Angles, Slow motion. It is just allot of fun and i would recomend it if you are a race simulator fan like myself.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Almost Excellent

posted by groms77 (EDENVILLE, MI) Sep 25, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

I thought dirt was a great game. The graphics are outstanding and sound is better than average. I was however able to make it to 100% complete in single player mode in just under 9 hours. It does have good replay ability by trying to beat your best times and seeing just how hard you can push the cars.
I didn't think online mode was anything special.
My only real complaint about the game is that sometimes the wrecks are pretty awesome, but they get cut short if you go off the track by any more than a few yards, and your car will disappear in mid roll with parts flying off just to be reset on the track thus destroying a great replay.
All in all it is still a very fun game to play.

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GF Rating


This is the best racing Game EVER! What compares?

posted by jcca77 (GLEN ROCK, PA) Sep 23, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Just buy it or rent it then buy it!! Game play and controls are just to much. Yeah like anything the game starts out with small cars and but as you progress you start getting faster cars.

Rally racing and tracks that just blow your mind that they can do such a things on a game. Just sweet!!

I had given up on motor storm until I started playing it on line this weekend and then it took on a whole new dimension when you play against
real people instead of getting run over for no reason by a big rig at the finish line, terrible AI but awesome game.

Dirt is great no matter what you do.
I will buy the game that is for sure because I know I will be playing it for a long time.

Oh did I mention the on line exsperence is really great. It keeps your times posted and ranks your for your track times even when you are not playing multi player. Another words you see that you might be ranked number 4500 in the world on a certain track... I thing that it neat.

You gave it a 4 or 5?? Go figure.

Have fun.

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