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Anti-boredom Racing

posted by ABSTASTIC (EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Apr 2005

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

For anybody out there who is like me, and can't stand driving in circles on a racetrack, this is the game for you. I would call it the Everybody's Racer, made for those who enjoy most racing games and for people like who can't stand a majority of them due to their monotonous and repetitive game play. If I could give you one word to wrap up "Dirt", it would be variety. Not only is every track unique in design, but in challenge as well. Some tracks came naturally to me because they fit my skill set and racing style, while others really challenged me and enhanced my experience by mixing it up and breaking from the norm. It kept me on my toes and never left a dull moment. Aside from that which I feel racers have been missing for long time, it has everything you'd expect from a top racer such as Gran Torismo. Unmatched realism, control, car configuration, authenticity, menu design, ease of use, longevity of play and quick load times.

The only shortcoming, would be the soundtrack. As someone who not only appreciates and expects excellent gaming soundtracks, I even have tons of them on my ipod. I for one was disappointed by the lack of variety in soundtracks, but when it boils down to it, a game like this which really has little to no dialogue except the important in-game turn indicator (co-driver warns driver of different turn severities and grade changes/jumps so they can take the appropriate measures to ensure taking the turns as best as possible), so it really would be ok to turn on music of your own in addition to that provided turn assistance in order to enhance your musical pallet.

Aside from that, I also appreciated a smaller detail that really made it a great game. Everything from each track and each transmission or tire setting has the option to receive audio advice from the narrator and an expert who breaks-down the tracks and even offers advice to help you tackle the tougher portions of each course.

I can't wait to see what will come in the future for Dirt

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more realistic than motorstorm

posted by sgthackett (TORRINGTON, CT) Sep 22, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

i've never raced any of these kind of cars in real life but i'm sure this is as real as it gets. the cars reaction to the different surfaces and the speeds influence is on point. i also liked that the passenger is your personal gps, for instance, 100 left 2, means 100m ahead is about a 90 degree turn whereas a 4,5, or 6 is a fairly easy turn. also, if you know anything about cars you can tune in in any way possible, camber, suspension, downforce, etc. and it all looks great

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Very Good

pretty good

posted by Ndru000 (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL) Sep 17, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

this game is pretty good, the graphics are great, the game play is alright. I read a lot of reviews and this game did fall very short of the hype, however still great.

its almost like your driving a marshmallow or on some clouds, you could be on two wheels and not even notice because the game play doesn't change. And once you notice that all you do is focus in on it. You power slide straight left to right where in reality you should be rolling but nope, just sliding. I mean come on that means the car dynamics in a racing game is wrong. THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. grand theft auto has better car dynamics then what this game has.

Once you get beyond that, career mode was nicely done, and i love the fact that you cant play the same track at the same level and get the same money. So you play the first level the easiest level is 75,000 you place first now you try to replay it to build up on money but you cant now the easiest mode is 30,000 that was cool. However if you beat it on the toughest level all the level winnings drop that sucked but its alright.

Loading is long but they did it brilliantly by showing you your stats so really you almost don't even notice it, unless you can care less what your stats are then you are probably complaining about how long they are.

If you have no idea what something means you can get help which is extremely nice when it comes to tuning your ride, but i cant see the casual gamer doing that, so i think the put to much emphasis on that and could spent the time making the cars run better.

Damage is hilarious, mainly you are gonna be the cause, i haven't seen the computer actually run into me, furthermore i haven't seen the computer total their ride but i have watched numerous times of me wrecking mine. it seems realistic enough but you will in a race endure parts where your door will fly off and you will have no idea why.

game play = 8
graphics = 9
damage = 8
car = 6
overall a very good rent

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