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Very Good

Wild Ride !!!

posted by 12delioboy (MANASSAS, VA) Jun 24, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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Dirt took me by suprise. I thought it would just be any other racing game, but i was wrong.


Many types of racing modes, all fun .

The damage modeling is awsome.

Replays are great.

I love to see the cars get all dirty.

Good use of vibration when the cars are in the rough terrain Ex: Dirt, mud, sand.

Many different types of cars, BIG RIGS Rule !!!

Ineresting animations with the drivers, like when they win, co driver.

The bad

I wish xbox live had more modes, only hill climbs and ralleys.

Thats about it

If you like racing at all. I recommend renting this game.

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Getting Dirty Never Looked So Beautiful!

posted by DaGamDaGee (WASHINGTON, DC) Jul 15, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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Dirt, is essentially the 4th iteration of the Collin McRae Rally series but this time extreme sports poster boy Travis Pastrana graces the cover. Despite this, the game is Collin McRae through and through. It's a bare-bones romp through the varying off-road routes that range from the woodlands of Germany, to the tight asphalt of Japan to the open deserts of California. What I mean by bare bones, is that this game has deep game play and leaves the flashy car customization of many racers found today in the dust (pun absolutely intended). Aside from the impressive graphics and gorgeous graphical user interface, the flair ends there. This isn't necessarily a bad thing at all because it's no nonsense, tune your ride then race away.
The racing is a little different from what many fans of the genre are used to, but the pyramid-style event scheme keeps the races varied and the many locales and different race sections keeps things fresh. The career mode begins at the bottom of an 11-tier pyramid and the player works his way up with rally races, rally-raids and CORR events. Rally races are time trials where you and your co-pilot take on a section of a course. Rally raid is eventually the same thing, but it's just you and the road, no assistance and personally my favorite events. CORR events are your typical 6 to 10 car races. This game is fairly easy at the amateur level, but you'll find as you work up to pro level, the events become quite challenging.

The multi-player aspect of the game is also quite different from other racers. The game features 100 racers competing simultaneously in one event, the catch is, you'll never see one of these opponents on the track. The way these matches work is that all racers vote on a track and car, then compete by racing that section of the track and whoever finishes with the shortest time wins.

Dirt is a welcome departure from a genre that seems to be getting a little tired. It mixes sim-racing elements with an arcade feel.

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This game is not dirt

posted by sora199362 (BIG BEAR CITY, CA) Jun 21, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

The games physics are so realistic you think your watching a rally car crashing into a tree but your in control. The games carrer mode is fun and long and the carrer menu is a pyramid and when you complete milestones you unlock the next. The graphics are as good as gears of war. I think this is the best racing game around

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