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Only 1 Step to a perfect 10!!

posted by AJrANTZ (SEATTLE, WA) Sep 6, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

31 out of 36 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

When i was running my first race, i tried going ricky bobby on everyone, knocking into people and forcing my way to the front of the pack! A sharp turn comes up i slam into the door of the 1st place guy, his doors fly off as a take the lead!

It seems I have the game in hand, when on the last lap, I hit the door i knocked off ealier in the race, it cause me lose control i hit the guard rail, flip my ride, and the 2nd place car passes me without his door and all!

This shows how awesome this game is, the graphics, the car damage, the realism. So heres my take on why this game is worth a 9.0!

they are amazing, you will be in awe the whole time you race, and i love the view in the car!

Rally realness~ the physics are amazing the guy inside the car is SO helpful. Everyone who bashes having the guy in the car is lame! why? because if you really want realism then race from inside the car! and if you do, then you need the rally guy telling the turns and how sharp they are.!!

Variety of Vehicles: Great selection from, buggies, to rally trucks, to street cars, so semis! Everyone brings a different aspect to the game!

Menus: The menus and navigating are very innovative and neat looking! and Its cool how it shows all these random facts about your career stats as you wait for the load.


ok this is the single reason why this game isnt a freakishly amazing game, THE MULTIPLAYER SUCKS! oh wait, it doesnt suck, its just not even there?!?!?! you can race against your friends LAME, and if you go online you race against other people you simply race there times and not actually them?! why?!?! sadness...

carrer mode, lake of story mode. The story mode is well.... not THERE!, and they make you race same style of races to keep going up in career mode, which is fun, but can get a little redundant.

All-in ALL i think is game is worth a buy, and DEFINATELY worth a rent!!

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9.7 Rating : Must have driving game on the 360

posted by Rooney (TOLLAND, CT) Jun 21, 2007

Member since Feb 2005

32 out of 38 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

So I actually bought this game after I downloaded the demo and this game is amazing. The graphics are apparently some of the best you will see on the 360 and the real damage effects on your car and surrounding are great! The variety of game types makes this game never boring, as in some of the other racers. Control is very tight and can be tweaked even further through vehicle manipulation (to the extreme) or you can just race for fun. Personally I have the MS Steering Wheel and this adds to the game with the force feedback and rumble capabilities. Though it will take anyone a little time to adjust to the wheel if you have never used one before, but it sure is fun to roll over a Toyota Tacoma and then keep going! Also you'll need to drive 1st person (or at least I do) with the wheel since the response will feel delayed when you view from 3rd person.

Sounds are great with bird noises, cheering, etc.. On to the design of the menus and overall appearance I would say this has to be one of the most innovative front ends I've seen in some time. You'll need to check it out to experience it.

Overall this game should truly get a 9.7 since there's always room for improvement, but since I can only go 9 or 10 I will round up.

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Very Good

I hate racing games!

posted by fe1ixdakat (SAN JOSE, CA) Jun 24, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

15 out of 18 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

...but I love me some DIRT! This game is a blast. Easy controls, amazing graphics, and a ton of fun twisting and turning your way around each track. The races are typically long and cover various terrains; concrete, gravel roads, dirt roads, mountain highways, race tracks. It's a blast picking up a new car, tweaking the suspension and then sliding it around a dirt track at 80 mph. And when did graphics becomes this lifelike? The cars look amazing down to the very last detail. The scenery looks extremely realistic. Finally... a next generation game everyone will enjoy!!!!!

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