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posted by seeker666 (TUCSON, AZ) Oct 17, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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OK this game absolutely sucks. i honestly don't know how this got past the game testers.

the graphics are really nice, the color scheme is moderate, and the visuals are top notch... but you see, i don't know anybody that plays a game to look at pretty colors. sure graphics are important, but he game has to be good enough to play.

the game play of this game is so beyond horrible that if there was a lower rating it would still have to go past -999999. Lets start with the controls, using the wiimote in a tilting matter isn't exactly easy, there are thousands of spots in this game that one wrong move of the wiimote and your stuck in a spot where only restarting the entire level(that's right... no check points) will get back on the right track. the enemies are weak enough to almost always die from a 1 hitter. there are 3 forms that dewey can become. water ice and mist. water is the default in which all you can do is jump and ground pound. ice is more of an offensive mode but you can't jump worth $%&#
. and mist is electric but you cant move, jump, slide, or do anything for that matter but shoot lightning, and all that does is paralyze.

so i guess what I'm saying is i wasted a week of game time waiting for this in the mail over gamefly and i kinda want it back. i'm encouraging everyone to never lay eyes on this game. and if you already got a hold of it, i absolutely feel sorry for you poor poor sap.

-99999999999 out of 10

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posted by sayandjohn (BESSEMER, AL) Feb 22, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

It looks interesting, but it is really weird. The controls are weird, the story line is weird. I returned it the day after I got it. I don't even think little kids can enjoy this.

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Above Average

Great Rainy Day Solution

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Feb 12, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head! That doesn’t mean my… Oh, hi. I’ve just gotten done playing a bit of Dewy’s Adventure and I can’t keep that cute little raindrop off my mind. With such an adorable mascot, who can blame me? As Dewy, you must save the Tree of Seven Colors from the slimy clutches of Don Hedron and free the forest of the corrupting Black Water. Turn Dewy into a block of ice or a cloud to defeat any foes that Don Hedron has sent your way. Free the Eau, solve puzzles, and drizzle your way to cleaning up the land of this evil menace!

You may have noticed Dewy’s Adventure looks a little childish. Yes, this game is definitely geared toward the younger audience but the gameplay is great. It’s a cross between a ball rolling puzzle game and a platforming adventure and it pulls the mix off quite well. However, there are a few snags here and there. The game isn't too long of an adventure and the enemies so far have been very easy to take out. Other than that and keeping Dewy from falling off the edges of the map, there isn’t too big of a challenge here. There are a few problems with the controls too. Jumping isn’t the easiest thing done in this game and movements themselves seem a bit sticky. Even with a few drawbacks, Dewy’s Adventure has a bright silver lining around its clouds.

This game is a real joy to play, even if it is rather short. It’s a truly original story and it’s a great break from the usual gaming affairs. From the controls to the story and right down to the visuals, everything in this game excels. However there are some big drawbacks for older gamers. The kiddy theme is sure to detour even the most passive of players with all its cute squeaks and huggable characters and the ease of play too will have many a gamer wishing for a more difficult challenge. Even with those setbacks, the game is a knockout. It may appeal to the younger audiences but even with its bells and whistles, older gamers should find a drop or two of enjoyment.

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