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GF Rating

Really Bad

No Easy Mode

posted by minastirith81 (RIVERSIDE, CA) Sep 11, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Ok this game had the makings for a fun game but there was no easy mode for people like me that are not particularly good at video games. Then I tried to have my sister's boyfriend (who incidently is very good at video games and plays everything on hard) help me and even he was having trouble. So overall I was very dissapointed in this game...

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GF Rating


Great Games, Horrible Port

posted by venom3 (MEDFORD, OR) Aug 2, 2012

Member since Mar 2006

I want to say that I love Devil May Cry. I own the original on PS2 and even now the graphics are still good. When I saw this port, I thought that it would be the best of both worlds: DMC on PS3! No more taking out my PS2 to play it. When it arrived today, i was excited and then reality struck.
1. Graphics
It's called HD Classics, Right? Well, I have not noticed any amazingly changed graphics. The only thing I noticed was the lighting was a little brighter than the first, but that's it.
2. Gameplay
This is what gets the most criticism. First, in all the games, the Buttons are switched. In the original DMC, You would make Dante jump using the Triangle button, and all the other buttons are either melee attack or examine. In this version, you use the X Button to jump, Triangle and Squares buttons to examine, and the triangle to attack. I'm guessing it was done to simplify control, and the Triangle to X switch is to appeal to American audiences, but They didn't need to do this! Veterans will find the game more difficult because of this switch. Also, they added new material into the game! In the original DMC, after you get the Pride of the Lion, you go and use it, and you're done with that part. In this version, they add a new boss! He isn't really that hard, but this just makes me mad!
3. Overall
Overall, the games are masterpieces, but this port is majorly disappointing. Newcomers to the series can start with this no problem, but veteran DMC Fans will find difficulty in the controls and added materials. I would recommend Renting the original versions on PS2 due to the unneeded switches and added material.

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GF Rating


Great games, lazy port

posted by fogopop (SUNRISE, FL) Jul 30, 2012

Member since Feb 2007

My review score isn't entirely based on the quality of the games themselves (I give the games a 10) but rather the quality of the porting, Gameplay is in HD, but the menus and cutscenes are in standard definition. Subtitles don't appear onscreen for every character. I'm not deaf, but I have a cousin who is, and if he wanted to play this he'd be out of luck in that department. I turn on subtitles in games and movies so I can pick up on everything that's being said. The games themselves are a blast, though. Just be aware of minor flaws when going into them.

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