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I was very into the game until.....

posted by Fusion13 (HOWELL, MI) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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Devil May Cry 4, I love the DVC series! especially DMC1. I WAS very into DMC4 until I got into about the middle of the game. The game just got really annoying. You start going back into the same maps, it seems you just do the same thing over and over and over again and again! I was about to just quit the game, but I didn't, I gave the game a chance to see if it will change after a couple missions, but it didn't. the fighting get VERY repetitive. Don't get me wrong though I LOVE fighting, especially with swords and guns, that's why I love the DMC series, but it gets to darn repetitive and annoying. Nothing like DMC1. It's weird because in the fist half of the game you fight as nero ( I believe that's what his name is) and he looks just like Dante. Similar except nero has a devil arm. And l8r in the game you get to play as dante, and when that happens you wish you could still play as nero because dante doesn't even compare to what you can do with nero. Dante's moves and combos just doesn't seem as smooth as nero's and it gets very annoying. You will miss nero's throws and body slams. AT first I would've gave this game a 8.5,
but after half way threw the game I just lost interest. So I will give this game 6.5-7

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with failure comes success.

posted by yumbynhhyy (CANTONMENT, FL) Feb 7, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

13 out of 26 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

if you were thrown off by dmc 3 intense difficulty
and very dark levels then your fine now the game is now very bright outdoor levels and dark 50/50 % of the time
the games difficulty has been toned down a lot but dont worry if you love the finger burning difficult
gameplay the game has 4 difficulty setting two from the start this game is over flowing with cut scenes
and thats not a bad thing the story is very great
it starts as nero the new main character is attending a ceremony of his well cult that worships sparda because he turned his back on demons
then suddenly Dante crashes through the overhead window and assassinates nero's leader that is how the tale begins Dante is also playable half way through the game he play a lot differently than nero so you wont get board also some major gmes sites have been saying that the game play is repetitive but that is untrue each weapon comes with about 4 combos including air combos AND neros
devil bringer witch also adds juice to your combos
then there are a lot of weapons and you also level your weapons up witch give them even more combos and skills lots of bonus content and a bloody palace mode lots of replay value very heavy soundtrack lots of action cut scenes emotional long story so even if you thought dmc 3 and 1
were only ok you will love this theres somthing for everyone only 1 problem this is all i could tell lady and trish from dmc3 and dmc1 dont matter much to the story witch is very disappointing also a few other characters show up from other dmc games but ill leave that for you to decide one final not the game has check points now so if you die you dont have to start all over

a low 10/10 one more problem would have made it a 9

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GF Rating


Gets dull quickly

posted by JDShkolnik (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 10, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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Why did I rate this so low? I certainly seem to be in the minority but I'll try to explain. God of War 2 is my favorite game of all time so I have nothing against button mashers, and certainly the graphics seem nice.

I played this up until I killed Agnus then I spent the next twenty minutes running around trying to figure out where to go next. First I ran all the way back, retracing my steps, because it said it was time to return to HQ only to find out that wasn't the way to go. I ran back and tried to figure out where in Fortuna Castle I was meant to go. After a while I realized that even if I found the next direction, the game had lost my interest and it was likely this would happen again later. In short, the design is very poor. It doesn't flow intuitively (when is Japanese design ever intuitive?). There were quite a few instances leading up to my quitting that I had to run and look for the next path, but it was never as bad as the final one.

I felt the gun was superfluous. It does so little damage and is so uninteresting to use you always end up fighting with the sword. Having to press the button to keep shooting can get downright painful after a while.

The fighting was dull. You can basically do that charge attack through everything in your way with the occasional throwing of someone into the air and doing the split. No skill necessary except trying to adapt to the fast-changing camera perspectives.

The camera is horrid. I can't even count how many times it screwed up my movement or hindered the gameplay. Like running into a staircase and then the camera instantly switches and you run right back out again. It's funny but ridiculous.

The cut scenes didn't weigh much in my rating but wow...the Japanese need to hire some American writers. They pile in so much cheesy bad dialogue and plotlines it becomes very difficult to watch. It's so bad it begins to affect how you view the game.

I am disappointed.

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