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It's beautiful, so why does it suck?

posted by uberjack (Glendale, CA) May 6, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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I've had this game rented for the last month or so, but I'm still trying to figure out whether I like it or not. One thing for sure - playing in casually in human mode is almost worthless - I never seem to be able to amass enough bloody heads or "proud souls" (what the fudge - "proud souls"? five bucks says that this is just a bad Japanese translation) to upgrade my character in decent fashion. I'm more than halfway into the game, and I barely have enough to buy two or three upgrades out of around 20.

The game is ridiculously beautiful, and while I don't agree with the art direction (the basic monsters are basically dolls sewn out of potato sacks), it at least has some artistic direction (think baroque meets contemporary meets weirdness). Unfortunately, it seems like that's all it is - a good looking, but weak, and occasionally frustrating game.

While the levels in this game are not exceptionally long, they have no checkpoints. If the level involves some sort of a difficult passage or trap before a boss encounter, losing to the boss is an ugly and frustrating event. While you can buy artifacts to replenish your health when you die (think of them as "extra lives"), they are ridiculously costly (the price seems to rise exponentially the more of them you buy), and you will probably reach a point where you just can't afford to buy one after every level. Being stuck with a boss when that happens is probably not something you want.

Weapons in DMC4 are a mixed bag - there's some good use of swords, which makes for some spectacular combos - the devil arm is quite useful also. As for the gun - it's quite useless, as it deals almost no damage.

Overall, it's a very pretty game, with a story that's mostly worthless (unless you like bubblegum anime), and gameplay that ranges from 'meh' to infuriating. To describe this game in one sentence, I would have to say that it's a lot like "Castlevania on craack". Very fast, very flashy, but little substance.

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GF Rating

Very Good

It's the Little Flaws That Count...

posted by timissmexy (FREMONT, CA) Feb 9, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

16 out of 27 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

This game is amazing. Having never played any of the DMC series, I really didn't know what to expect with this one. Right off the back I was thrown into an amazing plot line (my friend who had played the series had to explain a few things to me), but I picked up on it pretty fast. For newcomers, the tutorial notes are very well done, I had no problem picking up on the controls. This game graphic wise looks amazing. Multiple times I've taken a while to start playing again after passing through to a new area, because the shot looked so good I thought it was a loading screen. Combat on this game is almost perfect. I would have enjoyed more animations for the fight scenes, as after a while you found yourself doing the same moves over and over. This game, problem wise, just has the generic capcom blunders. The map is so big that it can in places be confusing what to do or where to go. THE REASON I RATED THIS GAME AN 8 INSTEAD OF A 9 RIGHT HERE: CHECKPOINTS ANYONE???? This has the generic capcom "Savings for quitters" attitude. I played a level 3 times just to beat it. The first time, I got almost to the end, but didn't know how to get past a fireball, and it ended up bludgeoning me to death. To me dismay, I found myself at the start of the level again. 20 minutes later, I'm at the same spot. I get past the fire, and discover a secret level mini game! Unclear on what to do in this mini game, I loose. All of a sudden, I find myself having to redo the whole level. SECRET MISSIONS COUNT FOLKS!!!! After that, I nervously spent another 30 minutes completing the mission, which was basically just pushing blocks around with minimal combat. This game could have gotten a 10 from me IF: A. It had better camera angles, the camera angles are good, but their not at the level I'd like them to be. B. Save checkpoints so I don't have to do useless labor over and over. and C. more animations. Overall, still a beautiful game, a definite rent, possible buy.

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GF Rating


Most Excellent

posted by Marks76 (COLUMBIA CITY, OR) Feb 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

16 out of 27 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

I played the first Devil May Cry but for some reason never made it around to parts 2 and 3. After playing through 11 missions on part 4 I remember what a great game is. I have not had this much fun playing a game in a long time. The special challenges you find within the levels, are just that challenges and are far from easy. Thank you Capcom.

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