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you wanna know the name?

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Feb 15, 2008

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okay so thats not REALY the the name, but it should be. NOT that im complaining. if your a DMC fan, then you know what these games are all about.
1.over-the-top action...check
2.a wicked story line...check
3.awesome cutscenes...check
4.a wicked story line with over-the-top action packed awesome cutscenes...BIG check.

the story and the cutscenes are the foundation of these games, anyone who has played them knows this, and anyone who has played more than one of them is most likely to think that this is the best part of the game (the story/cutscenes, that is).
but why do we play videogames? for the gameplay of course. if i wanted to watch a movie i'd illeagally download-imean,i'd GO TO THE MOVIE THEATER......
so how does the game play? magnificently, thats how. in this game we are introduced to a new hero, Nero(ha, rhyme). now, i know what ur thinkin (if ur a fan), and i thought the same thing too, Dante is what makes this game, right? well, yes and no. There is no cooler character out there than Dante, but Nero brings a much needed fresh breeze to the franchise. he plays completely differently than dante, and trust me, you WILL like it.
why? heres why.
1.his sword is FUEL INJECTED FOR SPEED!(necessary? no, cool,yes.)
2.his revolver fires two rounds at once.
3.he has a demon arm that can grab stuff from a mile away and SMASH IT INTO OBLIVION!
need i say more? thought not. but i will (so there).
this game is awesome, and if your a fan...its even awsomer(yes...awsomer). there are only a few problems i have with it.
1. WHEN you do FINALY play as Dante(sigh of releif), he has all his skills exept the ability to run on walls....sniffle.
2. there are a lot of unanswered questions. i leave it to you to figure out what those questions are(dont wanna spoil anything for ya).
3. the game is too short. even though you wont get lost as often as you did in the previos titles' maps, its still short. least rent this game. 9 of 10.

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GF Rating

Very Good

great game!!!

posted by brandonrae (REDLANDS, CA) Jul 28, 2008

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this game is great it has a good story line and many ways to kill all the demons you could ever want. the bosses have plenty detail and this game can keep you entertained for hours(6-7) hours if you know exactly where to go.

CONS: the only cons about this game are that the camera view can be annoying at times and if you dont know where you are going on this game YOU CAN GET LOST and it will take you along time to find the right way. also the cutscenes are very long so if you dont have a very long time, i reccomend you skip the cutsenes because they can last up till 15 min.but if you skip the cutscenes you will miss a whole bunch of the story and will have no idea what is happening.

OVERALL: overall this is a great game and anyone can get into it even if they havent played the devil may cry series before and i definately reccomend it

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Devil May Cry 4 Review

posted by Mirafangs (MARYVILLE, TN) Dec 30, 2008

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I just beat the game last night, and I loved it. It had a good story line, and the cut scenes weren't too long or melodramatic like in Final Fantasy.
The world itself wasn't a terrible maze either, and the combat style of both characters is very easy to get used to, even though Dante can be a bit troublesome on some enemies without Nero's demon arm.
As for the rating, i think they over exaggerated as usual. The characters rarely curse, and when they do it's just the minor words. The sexual themes is entirely because of a female character who is rather skimpily dressed, and one of the bosses. As for violence and blood, of course there'll be, it's a fighting game. Though in some of the cut scens characters get run through with swords that are often bigger than they are, when the sword is removed there's just a shower of blood and you never see any wounds or innards.

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