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The devil almost cried

posted by Simoun (CERRITOS, CA) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

After playing God of War 2, The only games I loved playing were sports games, fighting games and the God of War clones. Devil May Cry 4 does not fall to any of the three categories. Yet, I still liked it.

Like God of War, this is a fun action game. And, like other games, it also has some flaws. The biggest one, I might say, is the camera control. The game is linear. It is almost impossible to get lost. There are also a lot of times wherein the camera is fixed making the right analog stick useless.

In addition to the camera problems, the characters can only perform a side roll. Since the camera is not really very good, sometimes I find myself jumping instead of side rolling, it is because my character's back was not facing the camera. If they were making the camera fixed with almost half of the game, and since it is a linear game, they should have made the game camera fixed the entire game and should have made the right analog stick be the evade controls.

Boss battles are intense. Although it may be repetitive (yes, the boss battles not just the regular enemies), it is still fun. The combat is still very deep and has a lot of upgrades. There are also puzzles included but it will not be too interesting and may even get you frustrated. The performance of the voice actors are solid as well. So even though the story is a bit average, The performance of the actors will be enough to give a good presentation.

The only major trouble I had with this game is the controls. If they made the controls like God of War 2, then it might fall into the God of War clones genre. But then, I would love it a lot more.

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GF Rating



posted by Regulator (WARREN, MI) Feb 10, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

This is an amazing game. I have been a fan of DMC but i only beat the first one and never was up to date with the story in the 2nd and 3rd. So i didnt get the story at first but once you start playing you become hooked. The demon claw has the be the best feature of the game just because you can bring the demons to u instead of having to come to them. Another amazing and important feature of the game is the puzzles are not too challenging but they are there which allows you to get on with the combat and the story. The cut scenes in this game are fantastic and i can not decide what i enjoy better beating up some demons or watching the next cut scene. Overall this game is a definite renter and for the hardcore DMC fans out there this is just what you've been waiting for!

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