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GF Rating


Not worth the time.

posted by Gamer74 (ELKTON, MD) Feb 17, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

What a let down. The game is pretty much mindless and has really no strategy whatsoever. I liked all the other DMC's, but part 4 really does not live up to it's name. Long wait for nothing.

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Boss Fights Are Epic!!!

posted by UniversalG (FORT LAUDERDALE, FL) Feb 15, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

A fan of Ninja Gaiden must fun in the world is battling bosses and figuring out the fight routines to defeat the boss. Graphically, this game sits on top of the hill with the big boys when it comes to visuals. The cut scenes are pure CG movies just beautiful. Although the camera is annoying at some points it never cause you die or take away from the gameplay. The most frustating moments is eventually going from Nero to Dante your going to miss the Devil Arm SERIOUSLY... But Dante makes up for it with speed and agility.
The story is topnotch.
STORY 9.7/10
TOTAL 9.5/10

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The Devil May Cry makes me cry

posted by pzander (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Feb 14, 2008

Member since Sep 2006

Anything that is on it’s 4th sequel immediately has me a little skeptical. And yes, I’m talking to you Dynasty Warriors 17. But I was genuinely interested to see how it would look and play on a next gen system. I remember kind of liking Devil May Cry 2 so why not. I started getting annoyed after a half an hour when there had been 27 minutes of cut scenes and only 3 minutes of actual game-play. The cut-scenes were these elaborate cool fighting scenes of godlike proportions but then followed by an actual game-play that was tailor made for a monkey who is good at mashing his little monkey hands of a controller.

At certain points in the game, in a very unoriginal fashion, you have to clear every enemy on the screen in order to break a magic seal that just happens to placed there. But before and after every one it skips to a scene of the Seal being created or destroyed. Why??!! I get it, I’ve just done it 300 times. Oh another cut-scene, great. The game kills any sort of flow. Dag, another bleeping cut-scene. The monkies are beginning to throw feces at the TV screens.

Also, the story loses something when your main character is just ridiculously hardcore. I mean this dude is like the illegitimate love child of Chuck Norris and Thor. During the CGI parts he is such a totally stud that it makes you feel stupid when finally actual game-play commences and he is as easy to kill as a baby seal. (too soon?)

I also don't necessarily agree with one popular website review which said "Stylish action, terrific boss fights, and beautiful, melodramatic cut scenes will inspire you to push forward, and they serve as an appropriate reward for a well-played sequence of demon slaying."

Does it even matter since they have already shown a commitment to sell games rather than actually review them?

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