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Devil May Cry 2

posted by mandyinsc (TRAVELERS REST, SC) Mar 7, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

I thought this game was very slow starting out. Graphics are not impressive. I thought the concept was interesting. I like the way the main character handles his weapons. Overall, I was not impressed.

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What happened Capcom?

posted by defrox336 (GEORGETOWN, KY) Feb 7, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

Wow! I just saw the previews for Devil May Cry 2, and they looked awesome. Let's just say I learned my lesson about renting games before I read the reviews. I will make a list of the ratings that this game should really deserve for their "innovative" efforts:
Graphics: Sucked
Gameplay: Sucked More
Challenge: Sucked even More
Duration: Sucked Hard

This list is true evidence(if you can call it that) to the fact that this game overall: Sucked.
I played the game for about 2 hours, and sent it back because I could not think of a game more boring and overall not at all challenging. Another reason I played for 2 hours is because the disc had messed up on me. See how bad this game is? Even the game doesn't want to play itself because it's not very confident in it's quality. Looks like the game guessed right! Take it from me. This game is not worth your time or money. Go ahead and rent it, but be prepared to send it back within a 2 day period.

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Above Average

Unsatisfying sequel

posted by BrickSide (BOWLING GREEN, OH) Sep 29, 2007

Member since May 2007

I was really looking forward to this. I had heard what it was like and how different it was, but I didn't care much as I was just excited to play as Dante and tear it up. Unfortunately, I didn't tear into much of anything.

Gameplay seems slower than in the other games. I had no problem chaining together attacks in DMC 1 and 3, but in this one I could just never get that flow going. It slowed the game down at times and made the actual combat tedius and boring.

The graphics are good, probably about the same as DMC 1. The voice acting isn't terrible but isn't great either. Dante barely talks, and it's just odd they made him that way in this game.

So is it fun? Ah, it can be. Many fans skipped this due to the developers taking steps back instead of forward. Luckily DMC 3 remedies a lot of the issues presented in DMC 2. If anything, I would suggest skipping this and playing the other DMC games. Or, if you are new to the series then go ahead and play DMC 2 first and then 1 and 3, just so you can see the true evolvement of the series so far.

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