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posted by gamezrme (EDGEWOOD, MD) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This game is very different from most games in it's genre. First of all, the game has more of a 3rd person view to it and you really don't feel like your the character. Second, you have magic bullets which you can upgrade and a sword. Plus you can do acrobatics everywhere like spiderman style flips and wallruns plus matrix style air shooting. Rent this game A.S.A.P because it is very cool and long. If you don't like amazing graphics, free roaming enviorments, and demon hunting in a realistic world of hacking, slashing, and pistol shooting this game is NOT for you.

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Very Good

This game is cool

posted by Blockos (NEWPORT COAST, CA) Jul 14, 2007

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2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

Has a sweet storyline and is a great action game. Get it if you have any good taste in games.

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posted by RATTLEHEAD (COLUMBUS, OH) Jul 25, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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If you have played the first game in this series then dont, i repeat DONT, DO NOT play this game it SUCKS!!!!!!!
If you havent played one of the greatest games of all time, Devil May Cry (the first one) and you played this game and think im being to crtical then play the first one and get off me!
The game play wasnt bad and the graphics werent bad either. In fact if this wasnt a Devil May Cry game then i would prolly have given it a 6 or 7. As it is the brain giants at capcom that put this game together should be kicked squarely in the nut really hard several times!! When the only thing you had to do to make a good sequeal to DMC 1 is make a new story line and add some new moves and weapons, maybe. And you screw it up then you deverve to have your title taken from you and living in the streets. SERIOUSLY all they had to do is throw Dante in there with some new swords and new levels and PRESTO youve got a good game dont screw around with the fighting style and dont screw around with the game play and dont screw around with anything else. When I played the first one I was a novice and I couldnt get past the first Shadow. I had to quit start all over and play it on easy to beat it. My 13 year old brother, whos only gamin experience is Pokemon and some Madden, beats this game in 1 day( by the way he still had me walk him through the first one and he was on easy) then you know your game is too easy. Im not saying they shouldve made it as hard as the first one but they didnt have to pussify it either.
So in a nutshell if you loved the first DMC like me then dont play this game!! If your looking for a decent game to kill a few, literally few hours on then go ahead. Personally like I said if i didnt play this game expectin more it prolly wouldve gotten a 7 not a 5!

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