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GF Rating


Pretty fun, but too short and bad story.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Apr 26, 2006

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GAMPLAY: I dont know what everyone is complaining about it being too easy! If you want it to be harder, just put it on Dante must Die mode or somthing!! Anyway, i though that DMC2 was pretty fun to play. There where alot of new moves and abilities to get, and there where these secret moves that i found out about that you can do with the shotgun. If you hit triangle once and then hit square, dante will do a cart-wheel shot with his shot gun. If you press triangle twice and then press square 3 times, dante will do the "fireworks" move like he does on DMC3 ( just not as long). Then if you press triangle 3 timesa nd pres square, dante will do this cool thing with the shotgun ( i forget what it does, but you should try it). So you see that there are many moves to get. But one bad thing is that the ONLY melee weapons you get are swords. You dont get any fire gauntlets or anything like on DMC1, but its still fun to get new swords with their own aspects and whatnot. One good thing is that you get alot of different guns. You get Ebony & Ivory, The shotgun, A missle launcher, and sub-machine guns ( which are really cool because they fire VERY fast!).
STORY: The story in DMC2 isnt so good though. Its really bland and uninteresting UNlike the first DMC where you wanted to see what happens next. On DMC2 you just really want to see what new enemies will come or what new weapons youll get. ALos, dante acts really.. dark and RARLY talks. It makes it seem like hes become some hardened warrior for no reason and makes you not like dante as much. ALso the game is too short! Its only like 10-15 hours long!
GRAHICS AND DESIGN: The graphics in DMC2 arent the best. I think the graphics in DMC1 may have been better! As for design, alot of the levels look the same and are all really dark and not detailed well at all. The enimes hardly ever fit the environment and the game just felt REALLY rushed!
OVERALL: Fun to play, but bad story and a rushed Design.
RATING: 7/10

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GF Rating


Good Concept, Good Graphics, Horrible Controls

posted by WolfBrotha (MELBOURNE, FL) Mar 11, 2008

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The DMC series has a cult following and has since the first one and with the release of the fourth game in the series its predecessors are going to be getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, this game isn't really worth it. The controls and camera angles in this game were so bad and the controls so non-responsive that it detracted from the overall likability of the game. The graphics were great, especially for the time when this game was released, but the story was sub par, and the secondary characters were undeveloped. If you're a DMC fan you should play through with Dante just to find out what his story is about, but don't waste your time on the second disk. Lucia is a terrible character and the extra little tidbits of info you glean from her story is not worth the effort.

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Not even remotely as good as the first!

posted by Krazoom (CHICAGO, IL) Jul 9, 2010

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This is my first time playing this game series and I really enjoyed the first one but the second game did not live up to the first in the least bit. The controls were awful the story was not very compelling and it lost the chilling sound and scenery the first had. The first game seemed to be a semi horror but this one went full fledged action. I also didn't like how it seemed as if they cut budget on the item and power-up menu. I liked those options on the first game especially the music in the power-up menu! This game is OK but it's a downgrade from the first game. Hopefully the third game will be better and if not, there is always the fourth.

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