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GF Rating

Very Good

it was good

posted by phantom102 (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Jul 22, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

In my own personal opinion, Deus Ex was a pretty good game. There are things i don't like about it. One, the fact that your guns all share the same ammo you pick up. And also what some of the organizations do. they ask for help and you dont do it so they send people to terminate you then ask for your help again. that's pretty stupid if you ask me. But other than those two problems the game was alright.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great, Entertaining Game, though a Little Preachy

posted by dwmatt (CHULA VISTA, CA) Apr 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

Having played the PC version of this game, I enjoyed it on the XBOX too, though getting to learn the controller was a little more difficult than mouse and keyboard. Overall, the game is well done, it really isn't a grind game, giving you options instead of leading you along the path. Very much like my two most favorite XBOX games (ST:KOTOR and ST:KOTOR2,) with, amazingly, less bugs than KOTOR2.

The game itself is well done, a great plot and just the right level of challenge. The only problem, for new players, is that you really need to save the game constantly, as decisions you make during the game (and the occasional moment of indiscretion,) can result in catastrophic outcomes -- you won't be able to clear some of the lesser important missions if you kill off people you need for completing them -- and often the urge to kill off folks, even accidentally, is hard to avoid without a clear understanding of what is going on.

-- Spoiler Alert --

The game itself is pretty preachy, from a rather conservative ideology and end-of-the-world play, though it is important to note that just about every option ends poorly for humans (going with the Illuminati ends with tyranny, as does going with the Knights, but of course going with Paul and JC ends with a tyranny of a different sort, and killing them all off results in the quiet death of humanity.)

Overall, quite a fun game to tackle on a weekend, if you have nothing better to do (otherwise, you aren't playing games anyway.)

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Fun, But Not Interesting

posted by OKRecords (ASHBURN, VA) Dec 31, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Nov 2007

If the title confusses you, I will try to elaborate. The game is first. But it's not fun enough to remain interesting. While I will agree that this game was underrated by most major reviewers, I won't agree that it's a great sleeper hit.

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