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Deus Ex: Invisible War


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Take out weapon on ladder

When you climb a ladder, you will automatically put away your weapon. Press B to take it out while still on the ladder.

Getting items

When in any area, check dumpsters and look behind small boxes or items for multitools, food, guns, ammo, etc.

Free Biocanister

Find the mutant and get a sample before bartering with the Omar in Seattle to get a 50% discount and a free Black Market Biocanister. It is in the basement of Club Vox in Upper Seattle.

Dragon Tooth Sword

This is an energy sword that hurts very much. Go inside JC's sanctuary. It is on top of a bookshelf when you enter the first remembered area (Maggie Chow's apartment, Hong Kong, from the first game).

Explosive crates

Use explosive crates whenever you can to blow up cameras, beams, turrets and almost anything else that gets in your way.

Proximity mines

You can use the alternate fire of the proximity mines to set a timer. This is also useful for blowing up beams and turrets that are not triggered regularly.

Toxic gas

Shoot cylinders that contain toxic gas to fill a the room and kill anyone within the blast radius. Also, if you have the strength modification you can pick up these cylinders and throw them into a desired room. This is a good way to kill guards without being seen.

Toxin Blade

This is a knife that does excellent damage and stuns your opponents with the first hit. In Upper Seattle within the Emerald Suites building, you can find the Toxin Blade. It is in the apartment next to Dr. Nassif's under the pillow on the bed. There is one hostile in the apartment.

Party Mission

Go to the underground UNATCO ruins on Liberty Island. Take the U.N. flag from near the beginning of the ruins and find your way to to James Manderley's office from the first Deus Ex. Hold the flag while flushing the toilet inside the bathroom to play the programmer's party mission.