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Wannabe Deus reskinned

posted by Warpedbeam (AUSTIN, TX) Sep 5, 2011

Member since Sep 2007

This had some great ideas but just couldn't implement them that well. There are a lot of games that allow you to play how you want and have the Transhuman theme for example Metal Gear Solid 4 and Crysis 2. This game is nothing like the original in fact I would say they tried to copy what worked in the original without understanding the logic of the original team.

By mid point you have all the abilities you ever want within the skill tree because 50% of the skill tree is just utter trash. So there are no consequence with the choices you make within gameplay. By the end of the game I was able to hack any device without detection, stealth through the game, jump 9 ft, fall down any height, all inventory slots, typhon weapon. The AI is so heavily scripted you can predict instantaneously what they will do and stealth is stupidly easy in this game because of this. The animation is so stiff it reminds of the original with the head nodding. The Voice acting is just horrible and comes off as forced, very few of the characters sound authentic. The story was horrible it seemed like it was an afterthought in which they constantly used cliches. The loading the console versions are horrid, 45 seconds? Every time you die or load or go into a new area. I would say that my 30 hours of gameplay a 3rd of that was loading, I am not kidding.

This game could have been special but it turned out worse than Invisible Wars. There are no consequences within the choices that you make. The story is on rails and then at the end they give you a Fable 2 ending where you pick the ending you want. The game was only reminiscent of the original on the superficial level once you play it and you see what is going on behind the scenes it becomes a different beast altogether. Oh and the Final Fantasy ads are so much I thought it was Square ad placement.

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and I almost bought it!

posted by Gamecreep (ELMWOOD PARK, IL) Sep 5, 2011

Member since Jun 2005

I really tried to get into this game. Maybe, I just don't have the patience for these kinds of games anymore. Considering the fact that I own and I have completed the 1st two games I was really looking forward to Human Revolution. The graphics were beautiful and it really reminded me alot of the original. However, it just ended up being too redundant. Sneak into a room, get noticed or worse yet killed, load a save point and then try again and again and again. Oh and as far as the hacking is concerned? If you don't have the right augs for hacking then you might as well start the game from the beginning and use your Praxis points on the required hacking augs. In not doing so you will be in for a lot of frustration in this area. I was going to buy this game when it first came out because like I said I own the first two but I just can't do it anymore. My patience has been tried. If you have a whole world of patience and don't mind playing this game for days on end then Human Revolution is for you. Otherwise, I'll be buying Resistance 3 tomorrow when it gets released because I KNOW it will be a ride worth taking.

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Very Refreshing Surprise

posted by MrElite25 (ELDON, MO) Sep 5, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

When i first saw this game i wasn't expecting to much. I'd never heard of it and all i knew was that the commericial was very cool. But in the first half hour i was blown away. The story is awsome, the upgrade system is insane, graphics are very well done, and the replay value is very high. When Rainbow Six:Vegas and Mass Effect mix you get Deus Ex.

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