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Pretty game...Questionable gameplay

posted by JesusToast (ROCKVILLE, MD) Aug 26, 2011

Member since Jul 2007

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In every aspect this game has exceeded expectations in one way only to disappoint in another.

Graphics - Environments are very detailed, you could wander around for hours and take in all the little nuisances but at the same time the graphic quality itself isn't anything special compared to today's standards. Call of Duty it is not. The art style is great, especially if you're a Blade Runner fan. But again that kinda gets lost in stiff animations and character models that look and act like they have as many hinges as a toy action figure.

Story - Amazing. Nothing else to say there. This is the best reason to play this game.

Gameplay - And here is where everything crumbles a bit. The selling point of this game is that you can approach any given situation in multiple ways. Sounds great, problem is that whatever way you choose, it's been done better in another game.

Want to shoot your way through? Well controls are a little wonky, using the left trigger for cover (which will put you in 3rd person) can be disorienting when in a fire fight. Guns are not too accurate, and moving while firing can be...difficult. Again, Call of Duty it is not.

Wanna go stealth? Well all your abilities can only be used when your energy cells are full. Only one will recharge (takes about 30 seconds) the others can only be filled by using boosts found in the environment. So stealth usually goes like this: walk into room, watch enemy AI until figured out paths, take out one, drag body out of line of sight, wait 30 seconds, repeat...and repeat...and repeat. This mechanic more than any other has killed this game. It reduces gameplay to a tedious repetitive format that will have you bored by the end of the first level.

None of this is helped by a leveling system that takes a long time to reward you with points to use to upgrade and buy new abilities, or takedowns that feel like activated cut-scenes rather than a satisfying visceral experience.

Rent it for the story not the gameplay.

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FPS, RPG and Missions along with sides?

posted by TheGamersNation (PAIGE, TX) Aug 24, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

6 out of 12 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The Game-Play:
All the characters do their own things, the play PSP-like video games (Yes the adults), they have their own conversations that you can over-hear. I myself like hearing over them just in-case something important come up like secret paths or passwords to computers.

I love it. You can hack doors and cameras, and there are obsticals in-case your not a hacker person. You can also upgrade you augmentations, running faster, becoming stronger, stealth... its practicly an Infamous or [Prototype] type gaming, except not as many gangs or alien zombies trying to kill you. You can actually roam around without dying every time you show your face.

The Obsticals:
You can build stair-case-like obsticals with boxes and garbage cans. You can also go in sewers, and if thats not enough you can use ladder escapes to jump on roofs. And just in-case you mess up at the front door and cant get in without the FED shooting you, their might be a window or air duct to go in! AWESOME!

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Deus Ex Human Revolution

posted by DEFx_Wrekr (COKEBURG, PA) Dec 29, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Deus Ex has a good story line, and the graphics are decent overall. The one main issue is the targeting system compared to other games it is awkward to the extreme.

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