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posted by RockBand (NOVATO, CA) Sep 6, 2011

Member since May 2007

Pros: Everything looks great. I like how you can sneak around as opposed to just killing everyone. The hacking is a neat extra and a bit deep.
Cons: L-O-N-G loading times. L-O-N-G movies that don't pull you in.

Doesn't seem like alot of cons, does it?
Believe me, it's MORE than ENOUGH!
Definitely a rental...
...a buy if it suits ya!

(the loading times alone make me not want to play again)

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Very Good


posted by Bl00dyR0sario (CLAREMORE, OK) Sep 6, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Im new with the Deus Ex franchise i over all thought this game was tight. I felt i was captured and put into the game through voice acting, graphics and combat. The style of gameplay is challenging half the time i wanted to plow through it all tank but no it got me stopping and thinking, choosing the best route through. Your not superman your human just totally decked out with augmentations lol.
You play as Adam Jenson head of security at Sariff Industries. One night everything goes wrong and you find yourself augmented like some cyborb with prosthetic arms and stuff you go on this journey to find out the truth of this mystery.(no spoilers for you XD)
-The games highlights
1)Graphics-this game grahics are tight. Very SGI like really flipping sick!
2)Conversesation system- Voice actors were brilliant i felt the emotion they did a good job!!!! you rocked!!!
3)versatile- Many ways to go about problems. I found myself not being on autopilot like i am some games i had to think what is the easyest way.
4)Great charactor enteraction- you feel like your charactor is there with smooth flowing movements and interactions with AIs.
-The games lowpoints
1)First thing comes to mind would be the development of the story. It was like a begining middle and middle i felt that the ending didn't come on strong.
2)RPG i felt was'nt a key role in your actions dont really have consequences in the world.
3)Augmentations not all that you would think like the strength augs would be more helpful i found the hacking ones being the most useful.
4)It's not as open world as i liked you could walk around and explore dont get me wrong but it felt to me confined to certain areas and objectives.

This game overall is sick and no doubt does true to the Dues Ex Legacy. It has all the key components to a good game. Will i play it religiously probely not ,but hey killed my boredom

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Very Good

Pretty Good

posted by DigitalX (CASTILE, NY) Sep 4, 2011

Member since Jul 2009

Okay, So I haven't beat it yet.. But the game itself is really well done, It's sorta slow to get your Augs throughout the game but that's fine. It's a harder play-through if you don't kill anyone, so if you want a bigger challenge, try it that way.
It's a long game if you want to beat all the quests, and there's also different scenarios.. such as if u say something wrong, this person dies, or you say something right, they live.
The Cover system favors the covert[Stealth] Players.
Not so much on the Run-and-Gun players, it's kinda Clunky because its not a smooth jump in-out of cover.
Sometimes you'll get stuck and it'll take an extra 1-2 seconds to get off the cover.... so in that term, it needs work.

All in all i'll say it's a great rent at the moment. later on I might change that to a buy if you can replay with all your augs.

It can seem out of date in certain areas, but it's a really good game for casual gamers.. or those story-line/Stealth players.

Oh just a hint. I wouldn't grab the Non-Lethal long-range weapon in the beginning, choose the short range weapon choice if you want stealth. The Snipers are almost useless in the game, mainly because you're almost always near enemies.

8/10 Review. Great game, Nice Story. Rent - maybe buy :)

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