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Destroy All Humans 2

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The 60's Rock

posted by sora199362 (BIG BEAR CITY, CA) Nov 7, 2006

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Destroy all humans 2 is a great deal different then its predecessor. I thought destroy all humans 1 was a great game. This is a very nice game with great graphics and ragdoll physics(the ragdoll is almost flawless). You get to abduct people and blend them together for secrets and its fun. On 2 players its very fun you can go on a rampage or get in the saucer while one of you shot and the other gets to drive and you get the ray beam and abduct people. Online would have been very nice but its already good.

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"Known only as 'the package'..."

posted by vicelor (LA CROSSE, WI) Oct 24, 2006

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This is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played! It’s definitely not for the little children though. Besides, they wouldn’t get all the bad jokes about hippies, drugs, electric cool aid, and free love. Long live the 60’s!

The game play itself is largely similar to D.A.H.#1 with slight changes here and there. For the most part, these changes are good and or minor. For example, instead of “holobobing” like in the first game you now “body-swap” and if you body-swap someone with authority (like a copy or a soldier) you can potentially reduce the alertness level.

The game itself is silly while the game play is still fun. If you liked the first one, be prepared to lose lots of hours out of your life.

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Stupid humans.

posted by bossfyt1 (ROCKPORT, ME) Nov 2, 2006

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When I heard that Pandemic was coming out with a Destroy All Humans 2, I had to play it. I got it, and it was awesome.

Once again, Cryptosporidium of the Furon Empire must blast his way through missions that play a part in the downfall of the human race. As he fights his way through the GTA-esque missions, he encounters the KGB, a 007-esque Majestic agent, a Godzilla-esque creature, and learns that the Furons are not the only aliens on Earth.

Pandemic really filled in some gaps for the sequel. You still have your saucer, and you land it at some landing points, but now you can apease the ancient Furon God, Arkvoodle, where you drop humans near him, blast him with your weapons, or destroy anything near him. There are also Cults of Arkvoodle, which are extra missions, during which you protect some cult tents, advertise for Arkvoodle, or convince hippies to join the cult, including ninjas. ("What are ninjas doing in the 60's?!")

Now for the bad stuff. The missions seem kind of difficult, sometimes escorting the Russian chick up a mountain is highly annoying. Some of the enemies are almost impossible to hurt, and it takes an obnoxiously long time for your shield to recharge.

Except for those minor downsides, this game was amazing.

So let's review:

That's cool!: Awesome new weapons, awesome new storyline, the dialogue is funny, some new controls

That's stupid!: Difficult missions, enemies are ridiculously durable, shield recharges too slow.

I give Destroy All Humans 2 a 9/10.

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