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kids MIGHT enjoy

posted by RKW747 (NORTH WALES, PA) May 14, 2009

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this was a return the day i played it after 30 minutes. i kept trying and waiting for it to get good but no. it really feels like a computer game i played 15 years ago with graphics from 8 years ago.

first off... the sound is terrible, think early 90's x-men arcade with one character that has 3 "sayings" that are repeated and two short midi background musics: one for no enemies on the screen and one for enemies on the screen.

the fighting, while unique in a way gets boring after 15 battles (i.e, 10 minutes)... & the strategy never really changes. For younger people under 10 they might enjoy swinging the remote around. Zorro does have a couple unlockable special moves where you trace the screen in the air with your mote but it also gets old.

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Really Bad

Destined for the Trash Can

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 19, 2009

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As I'm playing Destiny of Zorro, I wonder if this game was bata tested before it's release. There are so many things wrong with this game.
First, the controls. This game's nothing more than a Wii version of a button masher. You get two attacks: a horizontal swipe and a thrust. But the game can't tell the difference between the two, so it encourages you to flail your arm around like an idiot.
Speaking of idiots, there's the AI. Most bad guys are contempt with just standing around waiting for you to hack them up with your sword. Their attacks are predictable and it would be easy to beat them if it weren't for the clunky controls.
They also have to say the same annoying lines and Zorro has to give the same lame heroic responses. I just wanted them all to shut up and fight. I also wanted to turn off the lousy music that's trying to drill itself into my head.
Then, there's the bugs. On three occasions, Zorro gets stuck to the floor, and I have to start the level over again. Train cars pass through him like he's a ghost, and he gets knocked around by invisible forces (collision detection is horrendous.)
Level design doesn't help matters. Each level is Zorro beating off wave after wave of bad guys, using his whip to hit certain objects, and beating off wave after wave of bad guys. On the second level, I had to backtrack to the same area three times in a row and beat the same swordsmen and rifleman as before. Boring!
I thought sitting through the very long load screen at the beginning of the level was the worst thing the could happen here. That's not the case.
Destiny of Zorro is a game that needed more time in the testing phase. It joins Battle Rage: Mech Conflict on my list of WORST WII GAMES OF 2009.

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Is the new Zorro adventure game worth the hype?

posted by Funfan12 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Jun 22, 2009

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Too many people have given this game either a too low score (in the 1 or 2 range) or a far too high score (like a perfect 10/10). Zorro is slightly above average, but not awful or perfect.
The Destiny of Zorro has some great creative aspects to it. For example, Zorro can use his whip to whack through a maze of crates. And Zorro can slash enemies with a "Z-Move" by swinging the Wii remote in a Z-shape.
But it has some cons as well. The graphics are not perfect, and the camera is awful. The other con is that there's one part in the third level where Zorro has to raise a bridge by whacking down the switch with his whip. He goes through a maze and beats up riflemen, then jumps over poles, and can only whip the pole once which will only raise the bridge up an inch or so. Then you have to go through the same maze like five more times before Zorro may cross the bridge. It can be boring.
But the game is set in several different places, like villages, the Wild West and the California Gold Rush (1848-1849), which is a great setting.
Destiny of Zorro has a few cons but is a mostly good game. It doesn't join my list of Best Wii Games of the Year, but is above average. I noticed Gamestop is currently selling the game for half-price at $20, and in that case I would buy it. Otherwise, at other stores, where the price is $40, I would suggest renting it then deciding whether you want to buy it or not.

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