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posted by Raul12 (NEW ROCHELLE, NY) Sep 16, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

I just don't get how is this game fun. Don't get me wrong it is good graphic,story characters;but everything else you cant save no checkpoints you cant even pause come on man. What was Atlus and Japan studio thinking. This game is not balance right is more scaled to be a stressful than fun. Everything so far for this game is you cant do this cant do that this is a no no or is instant death guarantee how is that fun at least have players save or have checkpoints or they can sell their equipment but everything else can stay the same throw a bone sometime man.?

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The first Souls game!

posted by Tomfoolery (LINCOLN PARK, MI) May 28, 2014

Member since May 2014

My first Souls game was Dark Souls. The learning curve and game design was spot on! Went on to complete all the achievements in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. With around 500 hours invested at this point I had to check out the first Souls: Demon's Souls. Borrowed a PS3, GameFly'd this gem, turned down the lights, and prepared to die...

The game is as hard as it is to say it's name! You need to work if you're going to make it through this. I've found by playing Demon's Souls that not too much has been added to the series over the years. Combat and most of the systems remain unchanged if only marginally less polished here. I haven't finished Demon's Souls yet but with 30 hours logged I am hooked! The game proves to still be a challenge. Pleased to see this title can deliver those sweaty palm moments the Souls series has dragged me through so many times before.

In short: Grind to have the luxury of healing items, or levels for just a little more HP. Explore many lands, enemies, and mysteries. Search to find better gear, upgrade that gear. It's an RPG so make sure you have plenty of time to pour into this one. You'll be happy you did!

+ Rewarding experience
+ Challenging
+ Deep lore
+ Tons of options (classes, equipment, stats)
+ Doesn't hold your hand
+ Rag Doll physics makes me happy
- Not quite as polished, still a great game

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Incredible game

posted by lonewanderer900 (SHERRILL, NY) May 20, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Its a shame more games arent made like this one.The game expects you to make rational choices,develop a playstyle you are comfortable with without much of any help.The game is unforgiving and cryptic which will likely scare off people to used to copy and pasters such as call of duty.Its a game that will take most alot of time to beat therefor worth the money and is a must buy.BUY THIS GAME.Learn the mechanics and it will keep you busy for hundreds of hours just expect some trial and error on some parts.
One problem though the PVP is very unfair especially if you arent familiar with every aspect of the game because people will enter your game and you will have no chance.For first timers play offline to avoid the annoyance that is pvp

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