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Maximum Frustration=Maximum Fun

posted by gameflayz (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 28, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

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This game is hard. So hard in fact that after about 6 hours of trying to get through the first level you'll be ready to ship it right back to gamefly. DON'T!! This game doesn't care if it's too hard for you. It has no concern if you can't get past a boss or killed the most important npc of the game. Play it for an hour and amass enough souls (the games currency for everything) to level up twice then get killed at the most inconvenient place (you can go back through the level to where you died and retrieve your collected souls) only to accidently run off a cliff you've passed a million times before without any trouble, losing all your souls in the process.

But why do i love it sooo much?!!? It forces you to get good or fail. This game doesn't care for the casual gaming crowd. You have a vauge idea of how to play the game through the tutorial, but for the most part it's trial and error (and some help from online notes people leave "watch out for fall ahead"). You have to get good at your character. Leveling up and getting better gear helps, but ultimatley if you can't figure out how and when to block and attack you will never get through this game.

For the laymen i could best describe it as a zelda game set in Nightmareville or some place near it. Except in this game you get to decide what kind of Link you are playing. A heavily armored knight. a nimble, stealthy assassin. A powerful magic user. a mixture of two or three. This customization lends itself to a unique experience to every different character in the way they approach enemies. You can go in swinging with reckless abondon, set a trap poison cloud or blast them from just out of their reach.

I haven't even gone into the graphics or multiplayer suffice to say both are fantastic and the multiplayer is set up like nothing i've played before.

If you're a fan of zelda and dungeon crawlers and even ninja gaiden type games you'll love this game if you can get past it's crushing learning curve.

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GF Rating


Great game.

posted by Async420 (IMPERIAL, MO) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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Something about this game feels old school, but at the same time it feels like something fresh that isn't just emulating other succesful games.

Reasons I think this game is great:

1. Seems almost too hard a first, and while I wouldn't say it gets easier, you know you'll be satisfied when you move forward another step. Perfect balance of challenge vs reward.
2. Nice diversity in ways to build your character. I don't feel pigeonholed once I've chosen my class, of which there are a decent selection as well.
3. While the world is broken up into a main hub and stages, it still has great explorability.
4. Combat is fantastic. Every enemy, especially when you are in Soul Form, is a deadly threat, so you have to be smart. This is not a button masher.
5. Some cool enemies. I could tell this game was Japanese before I actually looked into From Software by the enemy design, especially the first boss. The Japanese come up with some great monster concepts.

That's it. If you like action RPGs and a good challenge, try it.

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posted by OneBadWood (BEAVERTON, OR) Mar 24, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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this game is amazing. if you used to easy combat or complete hack and slash style beware. You must be strategic and not run in blind anywhere. THIS GAME IS FOR HARDCORE PLAYERS WHO HAVE PATIENCE AND WANT A CHALLENGE

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