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Demons Sul is a very good game

posted by Arctic (TUCSON, AZ) Nov 11, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

This game is One of the best games Ive ever played this gen. I even bought my own copy..thats how good it is.
Gameplay is good I give it a 10/10..but you gotta be cool and learn the enemies movements and time your attacks, you cant just go gung ho on your enemy, you cant be slow either..If your a noob when it comes to rpgs then I recommend you to choose the temple knight as a good start.
Boss fights are epic I give it a 9/10, although there are some problems like some boss cant detect you sometimes, like the flamelurker boss..he was just standing even if I kept shooting arrows at him...I didnt want to melee him either but I wish he did something.
Stoy is alright..I give it a 8/10...story isnt really deep..its your typical story..a hero is chosen so shall he save the world from darkness etc etc.. but This wont matter because the gameplay makes up for it.
I like the level up system of the gotta collect souls and trade them in to add stats..but becareful because when you lose the souls, you can retrieve them but you gotta go to the same spot where you died. Trading also relies on souls..but you cant obtain souls through sellign cant sell items in this game.
This game will offer you hours and hours of gameplay yet it wont bore you. Over all I give this game 10/10. its a game that must be added to your collection.

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GF Rating


Demon Hunter

posted by DarkoHCP (CHICAGO, IL) Nov 10, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

The design of this game is crafted around a central hub. It's not difficult to return there, but this game challenges you with figuring out when enough is enough. Items remain in your inventory after death, so even in death you can advance. As long as you aren't running around with a huge stockpile of souls, the only thing you really risk here is your own life. And, the game has engineered several great multiplayer functions to give you it back.

I am a big fan of Monster Hunter, and this game has a very similar feel. Both allow for equipment improvement by way of items from slain foes. However, this game vastly improves upon the combat system. I spent quite a while trying to master the heavy soldier combat, only to discover that an entirely new experience awaited in magic and stealth combat.

If you enjoy learning through an experience, then you should definitely try this game out. But, if you are prone to fits of frustration, and don't want to see the overall picture, then maybe this isn't for you.

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GF Rating


almost amazing

posted by snakeater1 (GROTON, CT) Nov 6, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

when i saw this, it looked so stunning. i rented it and it is. the one problem is that there is no checkpoint, and that's not a problem, if there were a chance to save. in a long level, you have to get through it without saving, checkpoint and if you die, its game over and you have to start at the beginning. that is very annoying. so i don't know how the story line is or how good character development is but it is just ridiculous how they don't allow you to save your progress. i give it a 7 just because i have no right to say about the story, all i can say it is awesome with the visuals but horrible on saving.

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