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No Save Points?

posted by AronLasher (STREAMWOOD, IL) Nov 11, 2009

Member since Jun 2006

To all those who complain that they can't "save" their game, all you have to do is quit the game-when you re-load you will start right back where you had quit, with all your souls and hp etc. Quit crying. Demon's Souls is a challenging and rewarding game if you put the time in and don't mind excessive grinding.

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More Demon's Souls

posted by Roxerr (WILLIAMSTOWN, VT) Nov 11, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

I bought this game a few weeks after it came out, not seeing any advertisements. I know some people might say I am crazy, but if you put the time into it this might be the best ps3 title all year. Like everyone has said before me this game is brutal. It will test your patience, but invest the time and you will love it. I am on my third playthrough with the same character its an great action RPG!

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Demons Sul is a very good game

posted by Arctic (TUCSON, AZ) Nov 11, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

This game is One of the best games Ive ever played this gen. I even bought my own copy..thats how good it is.
Gameplay is good I give it a 10/10..but you gotta be cool and learn the enemies movements and time your attacks, you cant just go gung ho on your enemy, you cant be slow either..If your a noob when it comes to rpgs then I recommend you to choose the temple knight as a good start.
Boss fights are epic I give it a 9/10, although there are some problems like some boss cant detect you sometimes, like the flamelurker boss..he was just standing even if I kept shooting arrows at him...I didnt want to melee him either but I wish he did something.
Stoy is alright..I give it a 8/10...story isnt really deep..its your typical story..a hero is chosen so shall he save the world from darkness etc etc.. but This wont matter because the gameplay makes up for it.
I like the level up system of the gotta collect souls and trade them in to add stats..but becareful because when you lose the souls, you can retrieve them but you gotta go to the same spot where you died. Trading also relies on souls..but you cant obtain souls through sellign cant sell items in this game.
This game will offer you hours and hours of gameplay yet it wont bore you. Over all I give this game 10/10. its a game that must be added to your collection.

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