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Great game from the makers of Kings Field!

posted by voden80 (SPRINGFIELD, IL) Nov 20, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

Finally from the makers of King's Field games comes Demon's Soul. This game will not hold your hand, and if you try and let it you'll pull back a bloody stump.. As far as multiplayer.. well it has it, but honestly if you pay attention and think outside the box you don't need it.

For those of us who used to play their previous games you know that they were hard.. cruel.. and merciless. Unlike on that game at least you can brag about it with the hall of heros at the top of the Nexus - the hub of the game where you buy stuff, and go where you die.

And die you will... a lot.. but thats ok because the game is awesome. So suck it up and quit or keep going. Great cut scenes, and gameplay.

Rent it if you are tired of games handing you victory and actually earn it.

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Frustratingly satisfying

posted by Motzorella (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 19, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

I loved this game, it was extremely challenging, which made for a very satisfying sense of accomplishment when I completed a difficult task or defeated a difficult enemy.

The character creation part at the beginning was a little frustrating, it seemed like no matter what I did, my character just didnt look right.

The visuals and graphics were excellent, and I think I will definately be buying this game; however I wont buy it without a strategy guide of some sort. The combat is extremely complicated, and I wasnt able to figure out how to go into other players worlds. Definately need some kind of instruction book so I feel like I'm really getting the full potential of this groundbreaking game.

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Difficult has never been so much fun

posted by Tjspider (NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA) Nov 19, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

Normally I would buy a game and if there was a point that I couldn't pass I would get angry, the game eventually would lose it's fun for the time being and I'd pick it up again a few months later.
That being said, I can't believe I played this game all the way to the end. When they said it was hard, unrelenting, they weren't kidding. You will die over and over and over. You will get frustrated over and over and over, but something about it doesn't discourage you. You still want to play it.
Demon's Soul's is an RPG like no other, you control the swinging of the sword, and you control the blocking, very similar to a hack and slash. However, in this game you can't run through the level, you have to think. You have many enemies that are stronger than you, many enemies with moves that can kill you in one hit. When you kill someone you gain their souls, which can be used to buy equipment, repair, and level up. I found myself at level 80 buy the time I was done, I played the game for close to 70 hours.
The way it is setup is you start in the "Nexus" the in-between world, this is where you shop and repair and level up. There are 5 different worlds within the Nexus that you can enter, now each world has levels, and the only way to get to the next level is to kill the boss. The boss battles are epic! They are monstrous.
Now there is a lot in this game, so much it's hard for me to find a place to write all of it. You can summon other players to help you out. You can invade other players worlds and try to kill them.
The graphics are great, the lighting is wonderfull. There are times where you will get afraid to move somewhere, because you know there is someone lurking around the corner.
This is the only place in the game where you could pick at it. There isn't much of one, that being said, I still enjoyed the game very much.
This is an exciting game and if you haven't played it yet, you owe yourself.

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