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Demon's Souls

posted by Adek713 (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Nov 23, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

I have to say, this is one fantastic game, if you're into hardcore gaming and have online accessibility. It is stunningly beautiful and the camera and characters are highly responsive.
That being said, this game is NOT for beginners or those who are looking for a casual gaming experience.

I believe it's safe to say that many people ordering this game and renting it are expecting something different than what it is. Perhaps they expect it to be the next Elder Scrolls or, based on the third-person format, something like Dynasty Warriors in gameplay.

It is neither of these, however, and unless you're one of those hardcore gamers or have the patience of a saint, this game is not for you. Most writing these reviews give it a good rep, but I'm casting a warning out there. I'm a long time RPG player, and this game was simply too much for me.

I have to say I love the design scheme and the controls, even if they were difficult to get down at first and I continuously switched from single hand and shield to two handed wield, and overall the game is truly a masterpiece. Just be careful while you play it. It isn't the kind of game you can hack and slash your way through. Be smart about it, dodge and block if you're not good at parrying, and watch out for hidden surprises that soldiers may send rolling down your way!

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hard at first but well worth it

posted by machine700 (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Nov 22, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

if you like rpg/action this is the game for you. it's really hard at first but once you get going (die a lot) it gets really cool. the online multiplayer design is brilliant. no social aspect, just gameplay. the only downer so far is not being able to sell items. this may be an option that i haven't discovered yet.

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Great game from the makers of Kings Field!

posted by voden80 (SPRINGFIELD, IL) Nov 20, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

Finally from the makers of King's Field games comes Demon's Soul. This game will not hold your hand, and if you try and let it you'll pull back a bloody stump.. As far as multiplayer.. well it has it, but honestly if you pay attention and think outside the box you don't need it.

For those of us who used to play their previous games you know that they were hard.. cruel.. and merciless. Unlike on that game at least you can brag about it with the hall of heros at the top of the Nexus - the hub of the game where you buy stuff, and go where you die.

And die you will... a lot.. but thats ok because the game is awesome. So suck it up and quit or keep going. Great cut scenes, and gameplay.

Rent it if you are tired of games handing you victory and actually earn it.

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