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GF Rating


one of the most challenging games ever!!!!

posted by mtcvokillz (DALLAS, GA) Dec 5, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

the game is exciting and it is fun how hard the gam is very very fun it has very good replay ability to0.

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Addictive, yet too difficult at some points

posted by Valiktehn (CENTRAL SQUARE, NY) Nov 30, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

This game was a difficult one for me to decide on whether I like it or not. The leveling system is different yet done in a way that is excellence. The attack system and spell system remains exciting... until you reach certain points of almost inevitable death and death can be very frustrating expecially when you feel it was unwarranted for. This becomes most evident in the first scenario playing as a caster or low armor/hp character class without your body (without body hp is halfed, and you start the game off without body until you finish first section).

You are presented multiple scenarios in the first dungeon where death is inevitable, unless you dont explore the dungeon fully or skip parts. First on the list is the red eyed knight down one of the paths further in the dungeon (whom I guess at this point in the game you werent suppose to face until much later.. but begs the question how are you suppose to know?), where 1 hit against you will kill you and if you are like me who beleive in their skill to beat all obstacles put before you, you will be very dissapointed when you go to take him on, he breaks your guard, and then one shots you, leaving a very bad taste in your mouth and plenty of more deaths to come because you refuse to beleive they put someone there you can't defeat without cheating and pulling him to other areas and dropping him off high areas which result in his insta death.

A second area in which that bad taste returns to your mouth is in the very same scenario, the dragon...(most scenarios of the dragon are fair and offer a good fun challenge). You will see him perched atop a cliff over looking alot of dead bodies with plenty of things to loot. If you are like me, you will make the assumption, ok, this will be a hard fight but then I get to loot the unknown treasure he guards... wrong... you will walk up to him and he will breath his fiery breath once and kill you (which begs the question, how are you suppose to know). Sorryreachedmaxtext.

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GF Rating


One of the most challenging yet rewarding RPGs

posted by MSDSS69 (AUSTIN, TX) Nov 24, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

Do not take my use of the word 'challenging' in this title lightly. This game WILL frustrate you. But if you die, you die because it is YOUR fault. The game is VERY unforgiving and extremely difficult (especially in New Game+ if you make it that far). But when you finally beat that boss that has been wiping the floor with you, it is probably the most rewarding feeling I have ever had.

The Good:
-Controls: very tight, and 99% of the time do exactly what you want them to do
-Music: i've had the theme song stuck in my head for a month now, its all very dramatic and well done. Wish I had pre-ordered for the OST.
-Re playability: You can play new game+ over and over and the game keeps getting harder and harder, you will never be without a challenge.
also to get all trophies you must beat the game at least 3 times.
-PVP: You can choose to play online, or offline, but defeating enemy players is very exciting and always gave me a rush.
-Cooperative play: Playing with other plays in a common goal is also very rewarding, and lets you get some insight on how to kill that boss thats been face melting you for 2 hours
-Items: loads of weapons, shields, rings, and weapons to choose from. all with their own combat stats, requiring different play styles. Use 2 katanas, a massive sword, or maybe just a dagger to make your magic hit that much harder
Classes: every class can do everything! its up to YOU to choose how you play your character, pick a fighter, but turn him into a mage, its all in how you assign your stat points

The bad:
-Camera: the camera can betray you at times, but its rare, and usually recoverable
-Weapon upgrades: almost every weapon can be upgraded to be completely awesome, unfortunately it can take a good amount of time getting the resources together to do it when you get into the higher upgrade paths

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