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Dementium: The Ward


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GF Rating

Very Good

A great rent for FPS fans.

posted by Longshot (STATE CENTER, IA) Nov 8, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

If you liked Doom 3 then you will probably enjoy Dementium. Dementiums core game play is pretty much the same as Doom 3's. You'll have to switch between your flashlight to see and your weapons to defend yourself. There's not a whole lot of story in the game you will find a piece of paper or see a newscast here and there that will kind of give you an idea of what's going on. But by the end of the game the story will just leave you confused. The controls some are of the best seen for a FPS outside of a PC, aiming is smooth and almost as good a mouse. However there isn't much reason to play dementium again after you beat it. There's just one difficulty setting and no multi- player. Dementium is a great rent for FPS fans, but the lack of Multi-player and only one difficulty setting keeps it from being a must buy.
Be safe all and happy gaming!

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GF Rating


Good controls, but bad game.

posted by HaloFreek (HOMESTEAD, FL) Nov 4, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I was all excited about this game because the thought of a rated M shooter on the DS sounded really cool. That is until i played it! Graphic wise, its pretty bad. Game play wise, its pretty bad. The control scheme is one of the best FPS control schemes on the DS but the game is not worth the time.

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