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Dementium: The Ward


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posted by sixtysix (MIAMI, FL) Nov 22, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

this game was so terribly done their is no sense of change in this game ud think theyd change around the enemies but NO they put a green one instead of a brown monster. O GOD IM SCARED. this game does have its moments but its jst terrible the monsters are simply familliar and nt original i cnt even considor this game of a rent if u put this on your Q may God have mercy on you. because you wasted 2 - 4 buisness days where you could rent Zelda or new super mario or heres something more fun pick up a stapler my fellow guys and put it to your cash and prizes and their you go its morre fun than this game!

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GF Rating


Decent Rental

posted by Gritzor (ABILENE, TX) Nov 19, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Deff. not the best scary game out there. The first enemies you encounter look something out of medevil. And besides the cut scenes, there really isn't and thrilling or scary parts in the game. The atmosphere is dull and bland being in a hospital the whole game. So overall, is basicly a rental and a O.K. game.

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Very Good

mostly reminds me of doom 3 with zombies

posted by jfuse1212 (WORCESTER, MA) Nov 8, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

to start off, i was really thrilled to play this game. the graphics for it are amazing, it really does push the ds graphics as far as they can go. you walk around in a dark and gloomy hospital not knowing anything. you start to realize that something went horribly wrong and you go through the game trying to figure out what happened and why your there. the game plays great, fist person shooter. great sfx. at times the game made me jump when i shut off all my lights and put my head phones on. well, games a great game, only down part is you may not feel the need to play it again once you beat it.

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