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GF Rating


Fun in a I want to punch a wall kind of way.

posted by Hollowcow (BUCHANAN, MI) Nov 6, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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I am going to break this down into segments to avoid confusion

Graphics- Simply amazing. They are the best on the DS by far. Gamecock pushed the DS to its limits and the frame rate holds steady throughout. Shadows look great and character models are top notch for a DS title.

Sound- Again great. Play this game with headphones on or you will be missing out on some atmospheric music and monster sounds. The sounds of grinding meat cleavers still haunt my dreams.

Gameplay- The FPS controls are just like Metroid prime hunters. Aside from that you have a weapon select on the touch screen and a note pad to help you figure out the games rather clever puzzles. Now here is where the game takes a turn for the frustrating. The save system. I am sure you have heard horror stories about this games save system. I will break it down for you. Every time you go through a door the game auto saves so that if you have to stop playing you can save and quite. However if you die you restart the entire chapter you are playing. This means you will be replaying several levels over and over again. This puts an emphasis on the Survival part but ends up just making the game boring. The save system in Dead rising is similar in frustration.

Overall- A spooky shooter with a good story and great graphics and sound. The game losses several points with me due to a terrible save system. You should rent this game before you buy or you may regret it. It really depends on how you feel about the save system.

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GF Rating


Good rent, but not a buy.

posted by Ace3342 (POMPANO BEACH, FL) Dec 1, 2007

Member since Sep 2003

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Dementium: The Ward is an exciting fast-paced game. The controls are spot on and the weapon variety is great. Even the graphics are really good, which is rather rare on the DS. The grimy, blood-spattered environments are spooky and the music is really creepy. But the game does have it's flaws. Dementium is a bit too short and the zombies are too easy too kill. Furthermore the story gets very complicated near the end. But in the end I highly suggest is as a rent, but I wouldn't buy it.

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game that's actually scary and violent on the ds.

posted by pokefreak (BRANDON, FL) Dec 16, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

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i bought this game yesterday ,at best buy before renting it. it rocks. it's got probably the best graphics on the ds and it is actually scary. i watch all kinds of horror movies and like to play other horror movies and although they used to scare me when i was younger i've toughened up to them now and they don't scare me at all . somehow though this game actually does scare me. if your just playing it normally with light then ti might creep you out a little bit but then turn off all lights in the room and hook up headphones and the game scares even me . the sound effects are really good. the controls and gameplay are really good too. two complaints though are that
1. in order to see anything almost at all you have to use flashlight which you can't use at the same time as your weapons so you can hardly see when your using weapons.

2. the save system , the game auto saves whenever you enter a room so that if you just turn the game off for some reason or let's say battery dies , you will be at that spot when you play again. but if you get killed then you have to start the chapter over again. most people don't seem to realize it but if your really low on health and it look like your going to die then just turn off your ds and you will be back at the beginning of that room.

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