Rent Defiance for Xbox 360
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posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 3, 2013

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9 out of 38 gamers (24%) found this review helpful

The idea for the game is interesting, the control is basic but works at least. Graphically it's well you can tell things apart to a small degree, up close people look different a little.

So here comes the bad part, the story is well honestly a cliche. The world almost ended for people then people and the new aliens team together to save people. So now aliens and people work together, against aliens I would assume.

The bad aliens are terraforming the planet, which suggests said aliens need to alter the planet to survive but that isn't so. Anyway, to start off with you are on a flying carrier so you get the cliche military types and oh look there is a scientist that nobody likes trying to boss them around.

To save the military from dealing with scientist is a take no gruff hard nose soldier. If you expect to see you in here keep waiting, you come later because you are part of the scientists team. You have this new thing stuck in you and need to get a briefing on it but oh look you are shot down first. So then you get to wander around finding equipment, shoot bad guys, and get used to the new thing.

All I am saying on this is well, why not activate the thing before get to where you are going? Why do aliens need to terraform a planet they are on and survive no problem with humans alive? As I said, is a good idea with cliche central, and the game doesn't really play that well.

Control is good enough though basic, character creation is very basic. Honestly, they skipped parts and unless you buy and has in the manual, doesn't tell you how anything works so it's go play and figure it out.

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no just no

posted by Jwobbles07 (LOS ALAMOS, NM) Sep 6, 2013

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no game should have to be installed and have a dang 2 hours to install updates. not even worth it. disappointing.

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Something new, but not for everyone.

posted by RhoTrux64 (PASADENA, TX) Apr 5, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

3 out of 16 gamers (19%) found this review helpful

Gave one point for being a shooter, one for the characters, one for the creatures and one for the website interaction.

But it fails in so many other aspects. Repetitive, average graphics, lagging game play, required LIVE. And worst of all, it had to install the game to the Xbox HDD, then download an update for the game, then install the update. This took almost two (2) hours to complete. Then the servers were unavailable or busy. Once play started, I quickly lost interest. What a waste of time and money. I'll be trading it in for "Injustice".

I was looking forward to the experience, especially with the series coming soon. Hope I'm not as disappointed with the show as I am with the game.

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