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So slow to do anything

posted by jayjay8382 (ARLINGTON, VA) Feb 1, 2014

Member since Sep 2009

Takes a day or two to download patches. Takes forever to load. And quickly became annoying at just about everything in gameplay. Skip this one.

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Defiance: A Dull MMOFPS

posted by Breazy (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Jan 13, 2014

Member since Oct 2013

I was intrigued by the concept of Defiance when it was first announced. A MMOFPS (on console to boot with no monthly subscription fee!) that would go alongside and evolve with a SyFy TV show? Sounds cool.

I held off playing based on reviews and the usual MMO launch woes and I'm glad I did. This is a poor excuse for a MMO, console-based or not. Basically what you have here is a sub-par third person shooter with a multiplayer component thrown in. The problem is nothing is done well. The chugging framerate, graphical glitches, laggy controls, UI load time, boring mission structure, difficulty spikes, bland environment, and story that makes no sense to anyone not into the show are problematic. The fact that this is no fun to play is the deal breaker. Play at your own peril.

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Very Good

Great Game... But...

posted by JAlford711 (TRENTON, NJ) Dec 19, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

I will start by saying this game is great. You never run out of things to do. The enemies are challenging. The map is fun to explore. My favorite part of this game is the very wide variety of guns and mods and character customization. You can even set multiple "classes" with different guns and specs to switch between in a fight. Love the game play.

Here is the catch:

The game takes a very long time to load and took up over 12 gigs of my hard drive. I had to get another hard drive just to play it. Initial patching takes a good couple hours so don't plan on playing right away. If you do not play for a couple months you will need to catch up on all the updates of those months before you can start playing again.

Maybe it has gotten better since I last played but this game is also pretty glitchy. There is something called an Arkfall and if it is big, everyone online runs to it. If too many people gather in this one spot, the game glitches out and you need to log off.

It also takes a while to understand all of the different options and different types of "money". I still don't get all of them but I learned not to focus on the little stuff and just enjoy.

All that said, I truly think the game is worth it but it may take some patience. Just don't plan on playing this game if you only have 30 minutes to spare. You could spend the entire time patching if you are unlucky. Enjoy the sniper rifles, as they are my favorite! Have fun.

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