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Very Good

Great!....for a console MMO

posted by RogueWRX (LONE TREE, CO) Apr 9, 2013

Member since Jan 2010

49 out of 54 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

I've been waiting to write this review for the server issues to be a bit more settled, so I could get some solid play time in. To start things off, this game is different than standard console games, and it seems like some people here have taken issue with that.
We'll get two things out of the way quick, both are annoying, but neither destroys the game.
1) It requires you to be connected to Xbox Live at all times, and you must have a gold membership.
2) You have to instal the game to the hard drive, and download patches frequently.

This is an MMO, and as such, don't expect groundbreaking graphics, or storyline. This is meant as an add on for the TV series coming out soon, and I have taken that into account in my review.

The Good:
- Vast, well-created world
- Great guns, and variations/mods for them
- Addicting
- Arkfalls (big events you need to take on with others) are a ton of fun

The Meh:
- Simple, linear storyline
- Lack of options for character creation
- Flawed menu system

The Bad:
- Always On requirement

Long Story Short:
Like I said, it's an MMO, so don't expect anything completely new or exciting. Gameplay is solid, with a good control setup, but expect the usual MMO complaints, mainly that it can get repetitive. Imperfections aside, I have a great time when I'm playing this game, and constantly lose track of time with it. None of the flaws ruin this game, but be aware of them going into it.
It's hard to recommend for someone to rent it, unless you are willing to instal to the hard drive, and already have the gold Live membership.

It is definitely worth the try, and it will be interesting to see how they tie it in with the show in about a week.
So try it, but know about it before you do.

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GF Rating


Soild experience

posted by lemieux (CHAMBERSBURG, PA) Apr 3, 2013

Member since Apr 2007

20 out of 28 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This game is a total blast. If the TV show is good as the game, they have a winner on their hands.

Yes, this is an MMO finally for the Xbox 360 after so many never made it to final stages. But more important -- the game is fun and addicting.

To help describe the game, imagine Fallout style environment mix with Borderlands weapons and game style. Defiance is not a copy of each, but its own game.

The game allows for competitive gameplay if that is your thing for some deathmatch type fun. Yet there is also co-op modes or team-up with a friend to go thru campaign together. The campaign from what I am seeing so far will be over 30 hours with ease.

Better yet, Trion, the developers of Defiance talks to the community to let you know what is going on. Something 343 Industries failed to do with Halo 4 and all they did was alienate the player base and population.

Trion also is active in the forums and allows the players to discuss the game which is something 343 Industries failed at doing by deleting posts, locking posts or banning people for very poor and weak reasons. Halo Waypoint honestly has become a disgraceful place to visit if a Halo fan.

343 Industries would do well to wake up and take a page from Trion's playbook for making not only a fun and enjoyable game but one that engages and allows the players to feel like they belong.

And as I player, I do feel like I belong in Defiance.

Defiance has kept me entertained and looking forward to the DLC packs when released. If the DLC will be themed close to the events of the TV series it will be pretty epic to play.

Overall, I believe Trion will have a very successful future with Defiance and hope that it takes off to the mainstream as well so other companies will try TV/game tie-ins for top notch entertainment value.

If you are looking to try something different and have interaction with other players, look no further.

Defiance will keep you busy and enjoying your game time.

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GF Rating



posted by Skadoosh25 Apr 4, 2013

13 out of 20 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

So the easiest way to describe this game is like borderlands but with 10000 players at the same time! Lots of weapons, customize them, different vehicles, customize your characters and lots more. It's fun playing in groups and it's even more fun when you have to do the ark missions. One downside are the servers right now, mind you the game just came out and thousands of people are trying to play. But other that it's fun, addicting, a lot of shooting, and you get to play with thousands of people! But if you're not convicted still go to their site and checkout their videos. Oh and one more thing there is competive multiplayer also! Lol

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