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are ytou kiddn me ppl this game at the very least

posted by zlariviere20 (WOONSOCKET, RI) Jun 30, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

i hate how people completely focus on the few falts in a great games and give it a 1 the game is amazing but because you dnt liek maybe the way the controls feel when aiming you give it a one well i bet you also never bothered to adjust the settings i played the beta version with all the flaws and even at that time i give this game a 8 now i give it a 10 becuase i dnt care abotu one stupid little flaw that has no affect on gameplay jsu the whole aroudn idea that you and the rest of the world fight together or on your own if you wnt is awsome and unlike any ohter ghame and if you dnt liek tht aspect of it then why give it a 1 jus cuz you dnt like mmo's doesnt mean this game is horrible and deserves a 1 if you dnt like mmo's then you shouldnt be voicing yoru oppinion and giving it a bad reveiw abotu a game purely made to be an mmo

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Mind Blown

posted by Jrodriguez90 (BLAINE, WA) Apr 11, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I'm so impressed with this game, it has everything you could ask for from a shooter and an MMO! it has an interesting story, tons of quests, huge enviroments, fun bad guys to shoot, a billion guns and somehow they found time to tie this whole thing into a on going television series. This game is a must have for anyone who like MMOs, Borderlands, Halo, or anyone who just wants to see the first tv/videogame combo play out. April 15th is going to be an exciting day for all Defiance owners. (BTW the servers still crash less then World of Warcraft) :D

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Really fun and multi-platform!


Member since May 2013

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I played Defiance for 2 hours yesterday because I was really bored and had bought it 3 days ago. This game, while a little buggy (but VERY PLAYABLE), is so enjoyable! It reminds of Borderlands with more customization, car choices, mods (as in weapon modifiers), and objectives to do. The story is flowing really well, and I can't believe it runs so smoothly for how many people can be on one server. By the way, if you don't know already, it is an MMO RPG, or massive-multiplayer-online role-playing-game. You can play with friends or complete randoms, and still enjoyment is to be had. The only drawback is the bugginess, but it still runs better than Fallout Games, and I don't know if that's because I am playing the game after 3 major patches, but hey... who cares. People who judge a game on the first day are not very wise...

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